Toyota Corolla - Clutch or Gearbox Noise - andyb8

Hi all - new to the forum so thanks in advance for reading about the problem!

I've just purchased a 2002 1.6 vvti Corolla, and it has started to make a sort of grinding or rattling noise when in gear only. On start-up in neutral the car sounds normal, clutch pedal pressed or not. But as soon as I drive and get to 3rd, 4th and 5th gear there is a rattling sound coming from the engine area. It is definitely mechanical ie not wheel bearing related, and the noise disappears as soon as I press the clutch when I’m driving. The noise seems to be more apparent in 4th and 5th gear at around 30 to 40mph, but I think it may be there whenever I am not pressing the clutch and I have a feeling that the noise may be just quieter and hidden under engine noise in lower gears.

The main problem I have is that I have taken it to 2 different trusted mechanics to confirm the problem - one says that it is the thrust bearing and that the rest of my clutch is on its last legs, the other says its the gearbox and that they were faulty on this model. Both are adamant that they are correct and I don't want to risk paying for work on the car if it is not going to fix the problem, as both gearboxes and clutches are expensive!

Other than the noise the car drives relatively well and it has low mileage for its age, 44,000.

Please let me know your thoughts so that I can decide which route to go down 1st!


Toyota Corolla - Clutch or Gearbox Noise - Collos25

Either way you are going to have to take the gearbox out and it should be evident if the clutch,release bearing or flywheel are faulty but having got to that stage it would be prudent to change them anyway.

Toyota Corolla - Clutch or Gearbox Noise - andyb8

right, i hadn't realised that the gearbox would need to come out if it was the clutch. Pressumably if it is the gearbox then i will be replacing the clutch at the same time.

Thanks for your help.

Toyota Corolla - Clutch or Gearbox Noise - JEB


Did you resolve the problem with your corrolla. I have the same noise and the same uncertainty. JEB


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