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Just got my insurance renewal with nice little note added in Terms and Conditions... There will be no payout for ANY claim if I exceed the stated mileage.. So it looks like I'll have to modify my mileage quote even though I may well not go over that. I input my details based on my average over the past couple of years and never thought any more about it. Also got extra conditions about anyone at all who I know takes vehicle will not be covered ( normal ) but insurance will not pay out in case of claim. What If they take the car without my permission and I report it to police?

chevy - Insurance renewal - LucyBC
Why did you renew with them?

Lower mileage should be only an indicator of risk - not imposed in the terms and conditions. The other one is similar to access to keys: Depending on the circumstances I thing the Ombudsman would turn it over.

The other interesting point is a change in terms and conditions at renewal should be "highlighted" - so were these flagged up?
chevy - Insurance renewal - justadriver

Renewed because of price, was still a whole lot less than all other quotes given mileage, 2nd driver with only 1 year full uk licence (I have more than 30 years) My quote was £239 for me only with 10 yrs ncd, £245 with 2nd driver as above. tried all the major comparison websites and a few direct ones too. Quotes from £239 up to nearly £800 (which planet are they on?) I got the cover I want, fully comp courtesy car, so that's ok, actually was not complaining but pointing out pitfalls for others. As it happens i can change my mileage subject to small extra premium + £20 admin charge. I may well not go over the mlleage, but will note my mileage anyway.

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chevy - Insurance renewal - LucyBC

Some of the items - Chevy, 2nd driver with only 1 yr UK licence suggest overseas connections. In most circumstances such as this you are better going through a specialist or a broker. However they may add some additional restrictions. It sounds like a good deal.

chevy - Insurance renewal - justadriver

Many thanks LucyBC. my wife passed her uk test nov 2010, having lived in 3 other countries and possessing foreign driving licences for 25 years, but the question that comes is How long have (you or) the 2nd driver held a uk licence. So told truth. Specialist quoted £398.25 + £20 admin fee. local broker here in wales quoted £295+ £20 admin. As I read more and more tales of woe about companies refusing to pay out i took HJ's advice and did lots of checks, by the way it is Chevrolet insurance via GMAC underwritten by Provident. Did application online via Chevrolet website simple and very easy to use.

Was however surprised to see how many brokers came up offering insurance indirectly as well as insurance companies, Best alternative was daily mail, Beat that quote including cashback, then confused, then moneysupermarket finally Elephant.

swiftcover long way down and lv = poor too.

Happy motoring.


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