ford mondeo - poor mpg st tdci - m14esk
Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me with my poor mpg problem?
My mondeo st tdci seems to be drinking fuel at the minute i have serviced it changed the fuel filter cleaned all the carbon and gunk out of the egr valve, checked the handbrake cables arnt dragging but no joy. It was booked in for and economy remap today but before mapping adagnostic check unearthed 2 faults P0191 fuel rail pressure range/performance and p2288 injector control pressure to high. The garage inform me i need new injectors. My car runs like a dream with no signs of smoke or poor running.
Any help or advice would be greatly recieved as the £900 price tag santa cant cover at this short notice.
Thanx in advance
ford mondeo - poor mpg st tdci - Peter.N.

Don't know much about common rail engines I'm afraid, my experience has been with IDIs, although I have just bought a 406 Hdi and the fuel consumption is phenominal, 50-60 mpg. I don't know how similar to the Ford engine is to the Peugeot one, I know they are similar. Is yours a 2.0 ltr? I know that the 2.2 is not as good on fuel and even worse if its an auto.

Faulty injectors will normally cause the engine to knock and emit black smoke, if its not doing either of those things I would be suspicious.

I would take it to a good diesel specialist, they know much more about them than the average garage and can be much cheaper.

ford mondeo - poor mpg st tdci - fordman1

What sort of mpg figures are you getting?

I own a zetec 2.0TDCi 130, I am currently getting 42mpg, some of this will be due to the cold weather, using heated screens etc, which puts increased load on the engine, and reduced fuel economy. Plus in my case, the 'oil cooler thermostat' needs replacing as my engine is badly overcooling, which also affects fuel economy.

ford mondeo - poor mpg st tdci - m14esk

hi it currently shows 29mpg !

ford mondeo - poor mpg st tdci - fordman1

From what you have said it does sound like the injectors are overfueling the engine, hence the higher fuel consumption. Although one of the fault codes that you have said that the fuel rail has too much pressure? there is a sensor/valve that regulates the fuel rail pressure, this could be worth checking out also. £900 is a hefty sum to pay out, it might be worth your while to get a second opinion from another garage.

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ford mondeo - poor mpg st tdci - m14esk

apparantly me changing the diesel filter has got a very good chance of putting on the fault codes so they have been erased and i have got to go back in a couple of weeks to see if there back on.


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