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Just arrived home with my latest project, an "out of the weeds" Land Rover Series 2. Actually it had an MOT in the cab to April 2001 but with so many faults they must have been kind to it in April 2000, its only been a few hundred miles since that date.

It had old black and silver plates, A-reg so I guessed 1963/64. The V5 all looks correct but I notice it was first registered Nov' 1960. With a look around I've found an old set of non-dating plates in the tool box (the original no. I guess).

It has been in the local farming area for 10yrs + and all chassis/engine numbers match so nothing dodgy I hope.

My question is that I thought any number change had to give a replacement that was no newer than the date of first registration. What has happened here? If the old number was taken from it say twenty years ago were they more lax? Or is it that they never put an interesting non-dating back on when you change?

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When I changed my plates - I always got the original ones back again.
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In the early days of number plate sales the replacement plates were always A suffix, (nominally a 1963 registration) whatever the age of the vehicle. This has since stopped, and age related plates are now supplied. The giveaway here is that they are of a particlular series often containing 'SU'

I've seen many Minors with A suffix plates which are much older than 1963, and it really is a giveaway. It's clear your series II has at some time had the original registration sold.


Registration changes & old car feel. - David Woollard
John S,

I think you have it spot on, it does look as if this change was many years ago and the policy was just to go for an A-reg.

Have spent an hours assessment on this Land Rover at home now, washed off the green slime outside and hosed out the mud from inside, as usual part of the footwells came with the mud. Very good engine/drivetrain, bit of work on the body (has been three colours) and lots of rewiring!

Funny how that old car feel grabs you. Foot dipswitch, chrome wire spoked steering wheel, push button start (bridge the solenoid with a screwdriver at present), no heater, just a wiper for the driver, no seat belts.

The good lady is.......shall we say........bemused.

Re: Registration changes & old car feel. - John Slaughter

I bet she is - and wait till she gets to grips with the sloppy steering and the lack of syncro on first and second!

Had a SIII for short while, but my wife never took to it, so I see the problem.



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