Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - tomi shevek

Recently I have beem interested in the new VAG 1.2 TSI 105 engine as it is supposed to be potentially very economical. Some reviewers just post the official figures but others do post what they achieved and sometimes it is surprisingly far from the official figure. To give one example in one of the regular journals there is a review of the Skoda Yeti with this VAG 1.2 105bhp ehgine and DSG gearbox. Somehow the reviewer manged to get only 34 MPG! Now I suspect this is due to the way the reviewer drove the car.

What I particularily like about Honest John is that via the videos one can see to a certain extent how he drives the car and in what circumstances. So when he achieves 46mpg in the Polo with this engine I can believe it is a good guide to how economical the car can be.

Using premium petrol I average 40 mpg with my 2006 reg Octavia 1.6 FSI driving in Hemel Hempstead. On a long journey I can achieve 44.mpg.

Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - Avant

The tests in the magazines involve testing a car to its limits, which in one sense is fair enough, but it means that the overall fuel consumption is never going to be great. Thye long-term tests are a better indicator.

HJ's tests (both written and video'd) have the advantage of reflecting the sort of driving that most of us do normally, and I'm glad you find them useful. The VAG engine you mention is a better bet all round than a diesel unless annual mileage is very high.

Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - primeradriver

I rate HJ's reports because he is not afraid of ripping a car to shreds if it's proven to be a money-pit by owners (witness the demolition of the Stilo). Most other reviewers tend to gloss over this.

Fundamentally this is the most important factor when buying any second-hand vehicle, and a bad report from HJ when it comes to reliability is enough for me to strike a car off any list.

Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - Dutchie

I like to read HJ revieuws on cars and take notice.

What I used to do is talked to owners of cars if I was interested in a certain model.

People are often quite honest about the good and bad points of the car they own.

Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - oldroverboy

I checked Honest john about Dual mass flywheels and Diesel particulate filters and e-mailed HJ about the price I paid for my Epica Turbo diesel and got quick reply too.Excellent tool for checking out things and plenty of people to help. Ps getting a good nearly 45mpg out of the epica, could probably do better if i drove slower.

Would have bought smaller new car but couldn't beat £6745 for 1 year old epica diesel from chevrolet main dealer. advice to anyone= google make of car + problems before buying, But !0 out of 10 to HJ.

PS HJ tell us more about yoursef.

Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - cilvilservant

A few years back I bought a Nissan X-Trail, and HJ's report on this was fantastic and highly recommended. The X-Trail had a fault, that was commonly reported at the time, although I had not seen such comments, and HJ did not pick up on these common faults.

In the end, the dealers bought the car back from us at a £4,500 loss to us.

So what I'm saying is, HJ, like other motoring punters, does not always get it 100% - and I'm sure HJ would agree with me, do not be too reliant on one person's views.

Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - rogue-trooper

It all depends on what you want. I have just ordered a Santa Fe and the various magazines vary depending on their outlook. I am like HJ and don't feel the need to rag the bejesus out of a car any more and look for space, comfort and practicality as well as a modicum of brisk forward pace rather than out right speed and handling. So any publication that makes it's money on performance cars is going to look down at the Santa Fe and think that it is fairly terrible.

Bit like this forum really. Most on here are interested in the more practical/realistic/every day side of motoring. For high speed and other "specialised" things we might be on Piston Heads or some such similar site.

Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - GroovyMucker

I think for real-world opinions, you can't beat him.

Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - cattleman6

I really like and thoroughly respect the excellent HJ reviews.

Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - RickyBoy

Based on HJs recent Road Test/Video (and subsequent praise) of the Fiat 500 Twin-Air Lounge I went along to try one (in that lovely Volare Blue) out yesterday afternoon and must say that I can only concur with the learned gentleman!

However, what I really want to know is did he follow his passion for it through, and if so, manage to 'cut a (great) deal' and upgrade from his existing 500? I reckon I can haggle along with the best of them but there was no movement whatsoever to be had on price (+ no chance of securing VAT at the 2010 rate either) and the best 'sweetener' that they could offer was a set of mats and/or a tank of gas!

With a 12-16 week bespoke-build delivery date being offered I'm in no hurry but perhaps 'new year sales hunger' will generate some keener deals for the cash-sale customer?


Why I rate Honest John's Car Reviews the tops - RoyWolfey

After having a whole host of issues with a previous MKV Golf which weren't resolved to my satisfaction, I was put off buying a VW Tiguan due to the HJ Car by car review which said "What's Bad: Fit, finish and quality of trim poor", and went on to list One Owner's list of fit, finish and trim issues. Despite this I did make the purchase, and after 1 year of ownership haven't experienced and of the issues mentioned and am overall very satisfied with the vehicle. I can't say that the statement "What's Bad: Fit, finish and quality of trim poor" applies to my example.

That said, I personally rate, and recommend HJ reviews to friends. They are always my first port of call when contemplating a new puchase.


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