Peugeot 306 - help with winter tyre sizing - scfc_151

Im in need of new tyres and as the winter looks like it could be a long one I was considering some good winter tyres as apposed to my ususal conti premium contact 2.

However, predictably the stocks levels of winter tyres are very low. My usual tyre size is 195/55/15 and I am struggling to find any available.

I was wondering if I could reduce the width of the tyre and increase the profile to give me more options of tyres available and also gain better grip in the snow / ice?

There seems to be more tyres available in the 185/60/15 sizes

One other point, whenever I do a tyre search for the registration of my car on websites, it recommends a 185/65/14 for this car, I would consider using 14" tyres if this would give good traction in bad whether?


Peugeot 306 - help with winter tyre sizing - bathtub tom

You need to try and maintain the same rolling radius. Try this site for a calculator:

Scroll down to: 'A tyre size calculator'

I'd suggest you speak to your insurers, as you'll need to inform them of any significant changes.

You cannot fit 14" tyres on your existing (15") wheels. You'd need to buy a new set of wheels to do this.

Peugeot 306 - help with winter tyre sizing - scfc_151

Of course I would buy a set of steel rims for 14" tyres. I just wondered if there was any significant difference between grip on snow /ice


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