Quick decision - Neil
I ordered a Ford Ka Collection in State Blue Metallic from a local Ford dealer. The deal included 12 months insurance, 0% finance, and a CD player for £7325.

The dealers phoned my wife this evening saying that they've failed to locate a Ka in State Blue Metallic but can locate a Ka Collection in Panther Black Metallic and with airconditioning at no extra cost.

However, they want a decision as soon as possible (Wednesday morning). Is there any reason for this?

Is the deal too good?

Is it worth taking them up on it?
Re: Quick decision - Harry
Hi Neil,

My mum drives one of these, and my opinion is it's cramped, underpowered and not as refined as more modern cars (it's based on the old fiesta and uses an old pushrod type engine)

If you do want one though why pay main dealer prices? I've just looked on the web and seen a Ka Style for £6,200, saving £1,400 on list price. Even with added options of side airbag and aircon the cost is £6,800, so a decent saving on what you were offered.

Go to alliancecarimports.co.uk and take a look.

They are cheap to insure and run, but unless it's just a town car I'd consider something else.
Re: Quick decision - Neil
The insurance and finance alone are worth (to me) £1000. Add on to that a standard 3 year warranty (£450) and the import prices don't appear as attractive. Trade-sales had Ka Collections (or their EU equivalent) for £6299 which didn't include insurance, finance, tax, or a warranty. With the above taken into account my £7325 works out at £5775 (comparing like with like) with the benefit of me being the first owner.

However, I have ordered the Ka in a dark blue metallic - deposit paid, 0% finance confirmed - and the dealer hasn't been able to get hold of one. Is it then worth going for my second choice colour and obtaining free airconditioning?
Re: Quick decision - Andrew Tarr
What an odd question! You are asking the world to tell you whether YOU think air-con is worth more than the difference between metallic blue and black, which is a decision only you can make! You have to work out how much you will regret in 1, 3, 6 months' time not going for blue. This week (30 deg.C) air-con must be worth it.
Re: Quick decision - Neil
Perhaps I should have emphasised the question regarding the dealer: why are they offering the aircon for free - what's their motivation?

I doubt they've thought, "Ooh, it's getting a bit warm, I'm sure Neil would benefit from some air-conditioning - particularly if he's trying to stay within the speed limit which is bound to incur the wrath of other drivers."

Perhaps it's a bonus from them for not joining the Citroen caravan (like a band wagon but slower and with great suspension).

Not only that but there is a slight concern over the sellability of second-hand cars. Not only is metallic a must (according to Glass and an insurer who discovered dark blue to be the most preferred) but it must also be the right metallic.
Say yes. - David Woollard

Never mind the last few pounds if you really want new, metallic black looks nice and the air-con will impress (bit of a liability from 3/4 years on with repair costs though).

Get it and enjoy.

Porsche or Ka? - Harry
You could also enjoy a Porsche 944 for the same money...
Re: Quick decision - Harry
I'd go for aircon whatever the vehicle (just had it retro fitted to my MR2 - worth every penny!) Zero percent finance generally means the initial selling price is front loaded to recoup the lost interest by the way.

My mums car I told you about is black too. Shows the dirt very easily and does little for the sassy styling of the car. Blue rather better I think but it's entirely up to your choice obviously. Never liked black on cars though - too sombre, and not exactly visible. Wasn't there some research that showed black cars got knicked more often too?

Have you considered buying a good single owner 2/3 year old low miler for the same price instead? You'd get a lot more for your money! HJ likes Mondeos.
Alternative choices - Neil
Unfortunately I was limited to a low insurance group - although 28 I only have 3 years driving experience (but IAM membership); I expect a fairly high mileage so the car had to be either reliable or cheap to maintain; I've gotten very used to my wife's Golf GT TDI PD and expect a certain sense to driver ergonomics; I may only keep the car for 12 months so I didn't want to get something due for a facelift or replacement, ruling out the 106, Saxo, Fiesta, Polo, and Ibiza. The car would be used for a regular trip from Portsmouth to Sunderland and back and so required around 40mpg or better.

My ideal choice of an Ibiza TDI (S 98/99) wasn't available within 60 miles, was listed on the forecourts at around £5000 or more, had a higher insurance group, looked and felt dated to drive.

For space: I am 100% 50th%ile male which means not only are most cars ideally laid out in terms of interior space, they've also been optimised for my own personal safety in front, side, and rear impacts (use your head restraint at the correct height).

As for price: list with a CD player (my chosen optional extra) was £8160 and we'd settled on £7325. Taking into account the freebies (which I know aren't srictly free) the overall cost was less than a 12-24 month low mileage Ka, or a new Ka from Trade-sales or similar.
Re: Alternative choices - Andrew Tarr
With all this careful counting of pennies I am surprised that you are going for new rather than nearly-new - unless you have a very particular combination of colour and extras in mind. The world is even fuller of used cars than new ones - enjoy yourself shopping round. These days 1-year-old cars are just as reliable as new, perhaps more.
Re: Alternative choices - Neil
I went to the dealership on the strength of a 12 month Ka (W2000) at around £6500 - which didn't include insurance or the three year warranty. I had been looking for second-hand originally - but I couldn't find something suitable. Once insurance, finance, and a warranty were costed in to a second-hand car the new price I paid (over £800 less than list) worked out better.

I certainly didn't expect to go new. However, after driving a selection of Saxos, 106s, Clios, Polos, Lupos, and Arosas, the Ka was the best drive, the most comfortable, and the most cost effective.

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