Vauxhall Meriva - Cracked head on Vauxhall Meriva - bunkka57
HELP! Im having trouble with my car, a Vaux Meriva 1.4 Breeze OHC, '05 plate.

Back in Feb one of the cams snapped! the garage replaced the following -

inlet cam
exhaust cam
timing chain
end gasket
head set
oil filter

But during the last few weeks it has started to loose coolant and there is signs of water in the oil - milky mayo like build up on the oil cap. Also it has been difficult to start in the mornings.
Took it back to the garage and was sugested it could be a blown head gasket. They did the relevant tests and said that no leak was detected. Still have the same problem but now they are sugesting it could be a cracked head! Im not sure, at no point has the engine overheated or is there any loss of power/compression when driving.
What i need to know is -

Would a copression test have spotted a cracked head?
Could something have happened when they did the cam work back in Feb that could cause the head to crack?



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