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I am considering purchasing a 2 or 3 year old laguna, I need a nice frugal engine. I once owned a clio 1.5 and it was great, but need a family car which will provide space and return a decent MPG. Can anyone advise on the real life MPG to a nearness? and any pro's or cons to the car? Thanks
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Do they really make a Laguna 1.5 diesel? I don't own one but surely it'll be utterly gutless?! That's a pretty hefty car for a supermini-sized engine :-I Town driving only I'd guess!?

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Probably gutless, and probably also not very economical, as with a small engine in a biggish car you have to use plenty of acceleration to make decent progress.

Renaults can be a gamble secondhand: there are some good ones about, but they are more vulnerable than many others to abuse and neglect on the part of previous owners.

I'd look at a Ford or a Skoda: go for diesel if your mileage is high, but used diesels can fail expensively so a petrol may be a better bet.

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Popped up on the side of HJ page

Under £10K for a year old car? Good price? but is it a good buy or a goodbye due to quality issues of Renfault in the past

Renault Laguna Diesel - Renault Laguna Diesel 1.5dci - car67

Yeah I understand what everyone is saying. I was kindof hoping that the BHP would make a difference, think the clio was 86 and the Laguna's are 106.

I will still have to test drive, but I've seen one that's an 07 plate with 24k on it for £7500. Looks good to me, but obviously a test drive will sell it to me. HJ gives them the thumbs up and there are no reported problems or recalls as far as I can tell. I know about the quality thing, but I really don't like fords (sorry) , hopefully someone who owns a laguna will come along and give us their opinion.

I have a 2007 MX-5 1.8i to sell and get a nice family car. Any takers? :)

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I know the concensus is that the engine is too small but I'm not so sure. I've driven a Pasat with the 1.6D engine in it (similar power/torque to the Renault 1.5) and whilst it was no ball of fire, it easily kept up with the flow of traffic. If you booted it, you easily went faster than the flow of traffic. 100 MPH cruise wasn't a problem at all.

If you get 'baulked', it does take longer to regain speed certainly but you are looking at seconds.

The only time I did notice it's lack of power was on single A roads for overtaking, it did need a longer space than a 2.0d but again, not as long as most would think.

I'd recommend driving one (or a similar powered car such as passat), I think you'll be surprised.

With regards to economy, the passat I had averaged just shy of 60MPG (brim to brim) over 2,500 miles. The 2.0 passats I've had averaged between 53 and 56 MPG.

Renault Laguna Diesel - Renault Laguna Diesel 1.5dci - a900ss

PS - I've only driven a new shape Laguna for a few weeks about 2 years ago. My view was it was much better quality than usual Renaults, was VERY refined on the motorway, nice big comfortable seats and quite swift (it was a diesel but 2.0 I think). My biggest criticism was the boot, it was incredible shallow. Good luck.

Renault Laguna Diesel - Renault Laguna Diesel 1.5dci - car67

a900ss - thanks I totally get what you are saying. I will go and test drive one. I too have had a 1.9 passat estate and it was great to drive and fairly economical, but that was a company car back then a few years ago. I am going to get a test drive of one of the lagunas and see what's what. I currently drive a mazda 3 1.6 petrol and find it a bit sluggish and only 34MPG - but if you drop down a gear and accelerate it will pick up a bit and can get there, just not as quick as I'd like. HOwever the trade in or sell for the laguna is the MX5, sad to see it go, but just very unpractical esp with children, and the icy weather coming in.

Thanks for your post, will keep up to date wth my progress, in case anyone else wants to know :) I'd be much happier with a diesel 50+ MPG.


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