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Peugeot 306 - Heater Matrix Replacement - ticket to ride

I've just finished replacing the heater matrix in my 1998 Peugeot 306 1.4 petrol Meridan so would like to give anybody interested my knowledge surrounding this difficult DIY job.

1. If possible try a radiator sealent before replacing the matrix as this is a 2 to 3 day job which makes the interior of the car look like a train crash once you've taken out dash, air flow boxes, wiring loom, steering wheel, airbags, windscreen wiper assembly.

2. Use a Haynes manual, digitial camera, enevelopes for the 30 or so screws and fixings, tape for marking unused block connectors on the wiring loom.

3. Take photographs as you disassemble - as many as you can - the envelopes will be necessary for batching the screws by area and writing where they come from - This is essential for re-assembly especially if it could be several days later.

4. There are no shortcuts except try and not remove the matrix rubber grommit in the bulkhead but disconnect the plastic pipe assembly inside the car under the windscreen and close to the bulkhead. This is very important and re-fitting the grommit is a 2 person job using the old string technique that used to be used 40 years ago when windows were hed in by rubber trim. It's difficult believe me !!! The new matrix (Valeo or Behr or Chinese copy) should unbolt fairly easily.

5. Don't ignore the stop light switch as this can pull out of its recess when you pull the dash off on your way to the heater matrix. It happened to me and I had to take the whole dash off again after I had reconnected everything.

6. Finally don't give up !! Try and do the job in warm weather or in a heated garage - Plastics are more pliable when warm.

Good luck - the matrix is only about £40 the labour would probably be several hundred pounds if done by the professionals

Peugeot 306 - Heater Matrix Replacement - woody1234

I have a problem with the heating matrix leaking into the Peugeot 306. I have used k seal but this has not worked. This is my first car and I don't have the money to get it fixed so will have to try to fix it myself. I have no mechanic experience. what I really need are detailed notes and pictures to get me through the process of getting the whole job done. I will get the haynes manual but will need all the help I can get. thanks.

Peugeot 306 - Heater Matrix Replacement - dereckr

I admire the fact that someone has taken the trouble to write up their experience of tackling this most daunting of jobs. Heater matrix units are always inaccessible and are a likely failure as vehicles get to the “is it worth it” age.

To Woody I would say that a Haynes manual is essential. If you have no experience of car work this job seems a bold challenge…good luck.

PS I would have another try with Barrs or Radweld sealant first.


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