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Any - Driving Licence Photo Renewal - Roly93

I have just uncovered a new stealth TAX on the motorist. In the last month or so both me and my wife have been sent forms for the renewal of our driving licence Photo's with £20 to pay for the priviledge.

So it seems the government are getting their ID card fees anyway.

This is a blatant TAX on the motorists of the UK and a very nice little earner for DVLA.

Any - Driving Licence Photo Renewal - BigJohnD

Looks like the price has gone up - I'm sure it was £17 when sent my new photo in last year after 10+ years of the old one.

And they got my place of birth wrong - it says "United Kingdom", when I was born "Out of the United Kingdom" as my parents were overseas on military service at the time! Try telling the DVLA they've got it wrong over phone and I don't have civilian birth documentation…

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Any - Driving Licence Photo Renewal - Dutchie

Hello,got my renewal letter this morning for my licence,runs out in november.Twenty pound plus new photo.I can go to a postoffice about hundred miles from our house to have it all sorted there.Thats what it says in the letter.I wil fill the form in and send the money after we have been to France.Like the OP is saying nice little earner.

Any - Driving Licence Photo Renewal - Armitage Shanks {p}

I think you can get the photo change for free if you tie it in with a change of address which is free in itself. "Move" to a relative's house and then do another change of address back to where you really do live. Might be a no cost option!

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Any - Driving Licence Photo Renewal - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}

And the actual photo can be shared with your passport one. Just renewed my passport and my driving licence is up for its, free, 3 yearly renewal next month. We'll see.

Any - Driving Licence Photo Renewal - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}

Oh dear. Panic. I should have received application forms 90 days before my licence expired. Filled in some from the PO and DVLA website.Fingers crossed.


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