Peugeot 306 Problem - PhilDews
Having trouble with my 2000X 306 1.4 (45,000miles)

Both problems may be related: One is that the car is running hot very early. Turning on the rear heated windscreen makes the temperature gauge shoot up nearly to red from 90. Turn it off and it drops immediately. I am not sure whether this has anything to do with the wire that has appeared in the footwell at the drivers side. This wire seems to have a metal rod on the end of it. Could it be an earth?

The other problem is a clunky vibrating type noise from the engine. Initially it was only happening when the clutch pedal was released, but now it happens at both times. It only happens when the accelerator pedal is not pressed (ie the car is coasting) and does not get louder/quieter when the speed increases/decreases

I know its not much to go on but does anyone have any ideas????
Peugeot 306 Problem Part II - PhilDews
Forgot to say that when turning on the rear heated screen the dash lighting dims (obv. only when the lights are on!!!) - so seems to be some problem with total electrical power output?
Peugeot 306 Problem Part II - madf
sounds like : an earthing problem .. or lack of it.

Your missing wire?

Clearly your actual temperature does not rise 10C all at once!

Peugeot 306 Problem - IanT
Is the wire in the footwell green and yellow? If so, it is an earth wire.

If the wire isn't green and yellow, it should have a number stamped somewhere along its length (may be difficult to find and/or read). Tell us the number and we may be able to find out a bit more from a wiring diagram.

Does the metal rod at the end of the wire look as though something has broken off it - a metal clip of some kind? If so, look for the the rest of the clip and devise some way of fitting the bits back together again.

Are you sure the clunky noise is from the engine and not the suspension? No further ideas on this one.

Peugeot 306 Problem - PhilDews
Some further info that might help one of you to 'diagnose' my other problem (the vibration). The gearshift starting vibrating whilst in gear and making a right racket whilst on my way to work this morning. It only did it when the accelerator was not pressed and whilst travelling at higher than 40/50 mph. Is my gearbox dying, or is it better/worse than that?
Peugeot 306 Problem - Dizzy {P}
Could be an engine or gearbox mounting sagging or collapsed, allowing part of the gearbox to rub against the body or the subframe. This could show itself only under deceleration, when the engine/gearbox is trying to lean over in the opposite direction to when it's under load. Can you get to the gearbox to check that there is clearance all around it (static of course!)?
Peugeot 306 Problem - IanT
Just thinking about the vibrating gearstick. Years ago, I had an early model mini with a noise and vibration a bit like you describe. That turned out to be a fault in the gearstick linkage - there was a spring loaded bit in the linkage whose only job was to stop gearstick vibration.

On the mini, when the engine was pulling, the gearstick was pressing against its housing and not rattling. When the engine was idling, everything just rattled around.

I know the 306 is different, but the principle might be the same. So check over the gearstick linkage for anything which might feel loose and cause vibration.

If I'm right (fingers crossed) it should be cheap and easy to fix.

Peugeot 306 Problem - Zimran
Hi, sorry, but i seem to be having the same problem. Just wondering how you sorted it out, and how much it roughly costed.

Peugeot 306 Problem - Zimran
Just wondering if anyone had any ideas?


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