Have any other Honest John readers had the same problem as me?

The VSA warning triangle and /!\ came on, joy of joys, and won't go off.

I checked the usual - the switch and fuses with zero success. Then I did an internet search. I found MANY reports of electronic failures of Honda VSA in America, causing a recall. European models are not affected, Honda (or someone else) implied.


I don't think so!

It looks as if there is a BIG problem, akin to the ESP Light On Club for VW Mk5 Golfs et al, judging by the traffic on the VSA topic on discussion forums. And I bought the Honda for reliability, instead of a VW!

My car has 20k and has only been main dealer serviced. I bought it two and a half years ago with 11k on it, so it's hardly been overworked. A replacement modulator costs between £1600 and £1800 including fitting, apparently, so I am not best pleased at this prospect, as you can imagine.

I shall soon be going to the main dealer for a computer check - the only way for a reliable diagnosis, I believe. This I do reluctantly, because I've always done my own repairs and maintenance, until the Honda ElectronicWundercar. Come back simplicity!

Any suggestions on strategy before I go to the garage? There seems to be quality advice given in the Honest John Empire!

I thought I'd use my local Stratford on Avon Honda , instead of the one I bought the car from in West Bromwich, 40 miles away. Any view on this - or should I stick with the vendor? (This is unknown territory for me.)

Early advice welcomed........


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