picasso 1.6 hdi - picasso 1.6 hdi - scubadude760

i have a picasso 1.6 hdi it has done 90000 miles

The fault is lots of blue smoke out of the exhaust and using lots of oil.

there is a lack of power no unusual engine noises, the smoke suddenly appeared on a short run. There is no engine management light on.

The smoke is very bad when the engine is rev'ed james bond smoke screen!!

any ideas????????????

picasso 1.6 hdi - picasso 1.6 hdi - dieselnut

Possibly turbo leaking on the exhaust side.

Take off the inlet side pipe & see if it still spins & check play in the shaft.

picasso 1.6 hdi - picasso 1.6 hdi - scubadude760

i have taken off the pipe and it is still sucking alot of air through!

picasso 1.6 hdi - picasso 1.6 hdi - dieselnut

Would suggest you get the exhaust side off, give it some revs & see if it spits any oil out.

A little oil will produce a lot of smoke.

picasso 1.6 hdi - picasso 1.6 hdi - scubadude760

it is using a lot of oil though, around 2 litres for a few miles!

would you say its definitally the turbo rather than the engine?

picasso 1.6 hdi - picasso 1.6 hdi - Collos25

2 litres in a few miles you have a serious problem and wants sorting before you try and run the car.

picasso 1.6 hdi - picasso 1.6 hdi - dieselnut

If you're using that ammount of oil & engine still runs & sounds fine then almost certainly the turbo is spewing oil out into the exhaust giving you the blue smoke.

Avoid driving or damage to the engine could result if the turbo disintegrates.

picasso 1.6 hdi - picasso 1.6 hdi - scubadude760

ok thanks all, i will try and get it booked in somewhere to have it looked at.

picasso 1.6 hdi - picasso 1.6 hdi - bimmer-driver

I would hesitate taking any car with this engine and turbo problems to anything other than a very experienced mechanic- we have had a bulletin at work from BTN Turbo regarding replacing them. The instructions for changing are VERY specific- to the point of measuring the exact amount of oil and running it for the exact number of mins then changing the oil again etc etc. There is also a specific turbo filter which must be changed after turbo failure. If the instructions (which run to many pages!) are not followed to the letter the warranty is invalid. It would seem that BTN have had many cases where the new turbo has gone pop within a matter of hours of it being fitted and it not being done properly.

Its a cracking engine when under manuf. warranty but I wouldn't touch a secondhand car with it fitted.

picasso 1.6 hdi - scubadude760

That’s going to make life difficult as I don’t live near any turbo specialists!

I took it to Citroen and they basically wanted me to write them a blank check before they would even investigate!

They said worst case a new engine, best case a new pipe or sensor! Very helpful indeed!

Perhaps I might sell it on as a project for someone as I don’t think I have the money or resources to persevere with it!


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