VW Golf 2006 - Dents etc. - dorothy

Can you help me please. My golf had the dreaded ESP fault and after a lot of argument VW repaired it under their "Goodwill" scheme. However I have now noticed I have a Dent on the passenger side below the door level so can I ask you please would they have had to have jacked up my car to repair this ESP . Also this last weekend was the first time I'd been out on the motor way with it and my passengers were complaining that the car was shuddering so my next question is would they have had to have taken the wheel off as their suggestion was my tracking was out??

I'd be very grateful for your help before I go back to say anything. Strangely enough I had a phone from a Market research Company to say these people were conducting a survey on the "service" I'd received from the local VW. When I said how rude and unhelpful they were I next day recived a call from the actual VW dealership I told him about the dent not knowing about the shuddering then he said the Manager from the dealership would call me on Monday and I am still waiting.So i need to be armed with a little information please Thank you.


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