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Hi there,

I own a 1998 VW Golf mk IV 1.8 20v, and am having some issues with it. I've searched some other forums with no luck and wonder if anyone on here can help?

When I turn the key in the ignition from cold, the starter just turns over but the engine won't catch. I have to use the accelerator to start the car, and this produces a strong smell of petrol, but once running, the engine seems to run perfectly well. If i were to start the car in this way, turn it immediately off and then try again, it starts perfectly. From hot, the car always starts first time. The stater motor was replaced recently and a full service carried out, but this made no difference.

A mechanic changed a sensor in the engine (I think a temperature sensor - couple of inches long, square blue plastic four pin plug on one end) because when he unplugged this, the car started perfectly so he thought this was to blame. However - no luck. I then got the car plugged in to a diagnostic machine, but there were no faults, so the garage took off the throttle body, cleaned it and gave me the car back. This worked for a day or two - the car would start on the ignition (eventually) without the use of the accelerator - but shortly afterwards has gone back to its old ways. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

Incidentally, just after the sensor was changed, the car started to run cold. The only time it heats up to the correct temp is when it is sitting in traffic, otherwise it heats up very slowly to about 20c below what it should be. Might this be connected, or something totally different?

Thanks in advance guys!

VW Golf Mk IV 1.8 20v - Starting problems - help! - dreric


i had exactly the same s***, had to replace ,fan modulator , waterpump,fan switches,water flanges, some temp sensors.it finally got normal after strugling a lot. the same vw 1.8 20v 1998.


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