Jaguar X-Type - Is Warranty still valid - latics

I bought a used Jaguar X type just under 3 months ago and I was given a 3 month warranty with it.

The Clutch on the car has now failed which is covered by the warranty however the garage are saying that they cannot do the work under warranty because the car has done more than 3000 miles since I bought it.

The warranty schedule that I was given and signed says '3 months from the date of sale shown in this schedule or 3000 miles from the mileage shown in this schedule'

The date of sale has been written on the schedule and it is less than 3 months since I bought the car, however the mileage that the car had done when I bought the car has not written on the schedule.

I believe that with the mileage not being written on the schedule, the warranty is for 3 months with no mileage restriction and therefore still valid

Would I be correct in saying this or am I completly wrong.

Somebody please help if you can

Thanks in advance


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Jaguar X-Type - Is Warranty still valid - Falkirk Bairn

How old/what mileage/what did you pay forthe car?

How many miles have you covered in 3 mths?

Assuming it is reasonably new car, with average mileage and you paid a good few thousand for it then SoG act covers you for 6 months from purchase.

If you paid £2500 for a 8 year old with 160K on the clock then you are on your own I would suggest.

Jaguar X-Type - Is Warranty still valid - latics

I paid £5000 and I have covered about 4500miles in the 3 months. The car had 67500miles when I bought it. The car is 8 years old.

Jaguar X-Type - Is Warranty still valid - LucyBC

I can't see you succeeding under the sale of goods legislation as the car was clearly sound for 4500 miles.

And provided the milage was recorded somewhere/anywhere at the time of sale (as is likely) and you have exceeded the mileage provided for in the warranty I don't believe the court would support a claim on it.

For what it's worth any garage which puts a warranty on a clutch does not deserve to be in business and almost any warranty for a motor vehicle will specifically exclude clutch repairs. As Honest John once told me a determined driver could burn a good clutch out in half a day if they set their mind to it.

Jaguar X-Type - Is Warranty still valid - latics

But if the warranty is still within the 3 months even though it has done over the 3000 mile. we are all told to read the small print and even if the mileage is recorded elsewhere the schedule says as shown in this schedule.

Jaguar X-Type - Is Warranty still valid - LucyBC

Natural justice would say that you have exceeeded the mileage permitted under the warranty and the court would be very likely to dismiss the case.

Jaguar X-Type - Is Warranty still valid - latics

thankyou for your advice


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