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1998 1.6 GX Estate, S reg with 135000 miles. Full service history, unmarked seats and interior,original Nissan mats and mudflaps, no rust, Michelin tyres all round, regular coolant and brake fluid changes, Comma Eurolite semi synthetic oil and Nissan oil filters every 6000-9000 miles. Basically, in very good condition and everything works-electric windows, original stereo,air con etc

Hit in the tailgate, still driveable but written off by the insurers.

Local Nissan dealer said there is a market for these cars-anybody seeking a dependable, solid , estate and undamaged I should have no problem finding a buyer at £1000.

Insurance company motor engineer said high mileage would reduce the value. I said OK but this could be countered by condition of the car. Engineer agreed saying car was very tidy and did not deserve to be sc***ped.

Engineer valued the car at Parkers top forecourt retail price with approx 90000 miles on the clock at £1070. Hence , my mileage should have attracted a lower valuation? I queried this and insurance company said it was a difficult car to value due to rarity- no similar cars were for sale in UK . Insurance company said if I could produce any evidence of a higher priced similar car for sale they would forward a cheque for the extra sum. Insurance companies are not known for generosity, so am I being conned?

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We are only talking about a £70 difference in the two estimations of value.

If you can prove a higher value, do so. I'd have said £500 as a rough guess.

Good luck.

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nissan primera estate - insurance valuation for total loss - The Gingerous One

I'd bite their hand off @ £1000.

It's a 12 yr old car, with 12 months MoT it would be worth maybe £500 to a private buyer. there's no way I'd pay £1000 for a 12 yr old Primera, estate or otherwise.

I had a 10yr old Primera eGT with ~145k miles which suffered minor accident damage a number of years ago and settled for £600 and keeping the car, which I used for another year then sold for £150 (phone did ring a lot at that price).

take the money would be my recommendation.


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