broken van for spares, what about the shell ? - trogg

Hi, I have taken my van apart for spares and have cut the shell up into large pieces.

I intended to tick the 'sc***ped' box in section '6' of my registration certificate and send it to the DVLA.

But I have been told that you now can't do this, I have tried to get in touch with the DVLA by phone but when I finally got though the automated system I was told they couldn't help me with this over the phone(recorded message) and that I was to fill in section '9' on my registration certificate.

Section 9 is for selling to motor trade/dismantler, so I'm not sure what to do now.

Any ideas ?

broken van for spares, what about the shell ? - Dwight Van Driver

I presume that you are not a 'New Keeper' having had the vehicle some time and yiou are named in the V5 as 'Keeper'.

Section 6 is for when a new owner takes possession of the vehicle with intention to sc*** which in you case does not apply.

Section 9 is for when YOU sell to a dismantler as sc***.

So what to do?

Law requires you in this case:

The Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002<*********="4">

Reg 17.

Where a vehicle is destroyed or sent permanently out of -

(a) Great Britain; or

(b) Northern Ireland,

the registered keeper shall immediately notify the Secretary of State of the fact and, at the same time, surrender the registration document to him.

So send the full V5 to DVLA with a covering letter to the effect that you have dismantled/destroyed the vehicle selling parts (the engine which should have been notified) and dismantled body to sc*** parts.

Keep a photostat copy of all you send and also I would consider sending the letter recorded delivery as you proof of postage.

I would also presume that when you took the vehicle off the road and it became untaxed you notified DVLA of SORN????????



broken van for spares, what about the shell ? - Galaxy

I'm interested to see that someone else is having the same problem that I myself had when posting on the HJ Back Room the other day. It would appear the word filter doesn't like the word "s.c.r.a.p." (without the full-stops!), presumably because it contains the word "c.r.a.p." (without the full-stops!)

Mods, could this possibly be altered on the word filter. It must cause others problems, too.

broken van for spares, what about the shell ? - trogg
Hi dvd thanks for your help,
Yes I am the owner (6 years) and it is on a sorn.

I was told that all I had to do was to tick the 'sc***ped' box in section 6, but then I was told that cars and vans have to be 'recycled' by a registered dealer/dismantler and that I would be issued some sort of certificate.

I believe it's a relatively new law, so I want to do it right and not get into trouble i.e. get a fine
broken van for spares, what about the shell ? - Cliff Pope

I can't resist testing to see what the filter makes of the Sc***page Scheme:

Well now we know. This must be a new filter policy. We used to have endless threads debating the sc***page scheme. A bit tedious and confusing having *** all over the place.

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