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Peugeot Partner - speed limit for peugeot partner white van - troychocolate

I have a 2010 plate Peugeot Partner and am trying to estalish whether it is a car dreived van or not.

Peugeot dealerships say there is a car version of this van. Does that make it a van derived car or just a van.

Also, there are some models whose GTW is just under 2 tonnes and some just over 2 tonnes.

Let's say I have the model putting it under 2 tonnes, should I drive at 50 or 60 on an A road?

Answers anyone ???

I agree with all other postings that it is outdated and slightly ridiculous piece of legislation given the modernisation of the automotive industry and the number of 3 tonne cars and trucks there are on the road.

Peugeot Partner - speed limit for peugeot partner white van - Peter D


Regards Peter

Peugeot Partner - speed limit for peugeot partner white van - LucyBC

If any van is over 2 tonnes GVW (maximum permitted laden weight) then you are restricted in any event.

That said the Partner is of the type I would describe as "car derived" and I am sure the courts would agree with me.

Peugeot Partner - speed limit for peugeot partner white van - dieseldogg

We had this in work

It absolutly depends on the plated weight of the vehicle

Since some Peugeot Partners are 600kg payload they might sc***e in under 2000 kg

However the 800kg payload ones probably do NOT

worth checking

we got nicked with a transit, both myself and the other Supervisor were fightable that it was a wrong "conviction" and then had to eat humble pie....after checking our facts.

oops &



Sc***e is censored???

But actually wanted to comment on another "oddity" i.e. air braked trucks at 7500kg can be driven faster than 2000kg plus ( but sub 3500kg) vans scheesh indeed

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