Diesel automatic? - Den
Any reliable diesel automatics, (2nd hand) up to £10k?
Would have to last the next 10 years
Comments would be appreciated.
Diesel automatic? - JimmyB
How about a VW Golf mkIV with an Automatic box. I'm sure it was an optional extra and I'm sure that I've seen a few SE TDI's (90 or 100hp) at the auctions.

I may be mistaken though...

Diesel automatic? - BMDUBYA
I have been looking for a diesel auto estate for some time, they are like rocking horse teeth:-)

BMW 525 TD SE.
Mecedes C or E class.

Diesel automatic? - Baz
I have been looking for a diesel auto estate for some
time, they are like rocking horse teeth:-)
BMW 525 TD SE.
Mecedes C or E class.

Try an Audi A4, Front wheel drive. 1999 models on have Climate Control and Facelift otherwise its an SE model. Brilliant Car, I have had mine since new 1999 \'V\' Reg 90 bhp 1.9 TDi Auto. Great Gearbox and very reliable.
Diesel automatic? - Den
Thanks for the suggestion.
Is there a problem with diesel automatics as they don't seem too popular, apart from Merc + BMW's.
Diesel automatic? - Baz
Thanks for the suggestion.
Is there a problem with diesel automatics as they don\'t seem
too popular, apart from Merc BMW\'s.

I wouldn\'t have any thing else. I had to by a brand new Audi A4 90 bhp 1.9 TDi Auto in 1999. People just hang on to them because their great, I would not change mine for the world. Expect to pay a higher price though, but it will be worth it. Try a good auction house selling end of contract vehicles with service history and careful drivers.
Diesel automatic? - Motel
have you looked at a volvo v70 will give you lots of space and about 44 mpg
Diesel automatic? - Mike H
The Passat diesel (latest model from 97) was available as an automatic, but the VW dealer reckoned it didn't really suit the engine.

Probably out of your price bracket, but I understand that the Rover 75 CDT auto is nice but slow (there is now a performance upgrade chip that can be retrofitted by Rover dealers).
Diesel automatic? - Baskerville
In theory diesel engines should be better suited to automatic boxes than petrol, because of the way they deliver power and torque. But historically in the UK automatics were mostly associated with luxury-ish cars and higher, and we Brits are only now coming round to the realization that diesel engines need not be agricultural or marine (note that most of Europe figured this one out a decade or more ago). The reason MB have always done it is that they mostly make taxis (there's even a two-seater Maclaren Mercedes F1 car, probably also a diesel for all I know). Add to that the American market, where diesel hardly exists, but most cars are autos, and you have your reason. No market for them.

[1] ;-)
Diesel automatic? - Den
Thanks for that interesting article.
Could be as diesel becomes popular, automatics will follow!
The UK is still 10 years behind the USA/Germany.
Diesel automatic? - TrevorP
As in "You're the 12th person I've told today - no demand for them"

(Apologies to Monty Python).
Diesel automatic? - madf
Audi A4 Avant

either 1.9TDI or 2.5TDI - driven both with autos: first is slightly sluggish, second is not.

Try Auto trader's website and search
Diesel automatic? - Ben79
I drove a 2.2 HDI Citroen C5 and was very impressed. See from other threads that the 2.2 HDI has a far superior auto gearbox compared with the smaller engined models.

Diesel automatic? - Dave_TD
Skoda Octavia TDi Auto, or previous shape Nissan Primera.
Diesel automatic? - Dude - {P}
I agree with madf - you need a minimum of 2.5 litres to get the true benefits from an auto box. I drive a 150 BHP 2 litre BMW diesel manual, and tried the auto version before purchasing my current car, and IMHO the auto version is not really up to the job, unless you live in an area devoid of hills.- in Cornwall that is nigh impossible !!
Diesel automatic? - vercin

C5 Hdi 2.2 auto is very good.

Given that that new C5s appear to depreciate faster than the speed of light, then it may come into your price range soon (assuming that its not there already?).

Box and engine are good. But not a car for those with image concerns


Diesel automatic? - Den
Thanks for all the replies.
Plenty of "food for thought" but any more would be welcome!
Diesel automatic? - Graham
Diesel automatic? - LHM
Hi Den,

I appreciate your quandary - it's something I've looked at quite a few times :-(

You might also consider.....

'Old' Audi A6 (100 shape) - tough as old boots, but better-looking;
Vauxhall Omega;
And, just to be perverse, there's always the Citroën XM. Go for a post-95 model and take a world cruise on the change from 10k.

Happy hunting,
Diesel automatic? - phillipo
I would be interested to know if you got anywhere with this as I have a similar interest although willing to spend a bit more.

Diesel automatic? - Dave_TD
The Taxi Centre in Glasgow have got a 1 PRIVATE owner Y-reg 17k mile Octavia Ambiente TDi Auto estate up for £9100. If I didn't still have another 15 months to go on the finance on mine...
Diesel automatic? - eMBe {P}
Den - a good place way search is to go to the
web site and use their excellent search engine to limit your choices (eg. Make-any, fuel-diesel, extras-automatic, plus any other limits on price, year registered, etc. that you wish to specify). It will give you quite a good choice. For example, currently, in your price range, they have

2000V S70 2.5 TDi Saloon Auto Diesel Silver 100k+mls £8,499

2000 V C220 2.2 CDi Clas Saloon Auto Diesel Blue 100k+mls £8,999

Diesel automatic? - DavidHM
I have to say, I'm not confident that any of these cars would *definitely* last another 10 years without major repair bills. Of all of them, probably the best bet would be Dave's suggestion of that Octavia - that's cheap, there's not too much to go wrong, there are loads of parts and independents that can work on them, and they're pretty tough anyway, at least as good as VWs.

Other options would be an Audi A4 TDi (the 2.5 is your best bet) but that starts at £11.5k for a 3 year old with 71k at the Great Trade Centre. There aren't too many Golfs around, even fewer at sensible prices, and I wouldn't bet on a Pug, Laguna or the like to last the distance. Maybe a 2.2 litre C5 would be worth a shot, but there's only 1 in AutoTrader in your price range, with 56k on it and only a fiver under budget.

I know normally mileage doesn't matter but I would be reluctant at running a car with over 150k on it for the majority of 10 years. It may be that you do 20k a year, in which case this is inevitable

Probably if you don't NEED a diesel, your best bet is a Honda Accord, less than 18 months old and in the £8.5k range, tough as old boots, good space and decent to drive. Otherwise an 02 Mondeo is only £9k as a petrol auto, and in my opinion should last 10 years, although that's not necessarily a common opinion in here. (No chance of a diesel auto one for that money sorry).
Diesel automatic? - sorrera
Had a 406 hdi automatic as a courtsesy car for a few days. The auto box did not suit the car at all. Off the block starts or quick acceleration at any time was a lottery. Not a safe car for effective modern rush hour town driving.
Diesel automatic? - JohnM{P}
Try www.audidiesels.com for... Audi diesels (higher mileages, cheaper prices).
eg 99T A4 Avant 110 112k, £9k,
99T A6 Avant 110 94k, £11k
00W A4 Saloon 115 Tiptronic, 100k, £10k on site this evening
Diesel automatic? - Baz
Any reliable diesel automatics, (2nd hand) up to £10k?
Would have to last the next 10 years
Comments would be appreciated.

How about an Audi A4 1.9. I bought one new in 1999 on V reg and its marvelous. Its a 90 bhp and goes like the clappers. It has Climate Control Air con and is very economical, I get at least 40 mpg running around and keep the climate control on all of the time. Its not run in yet (only covered 16000mls)I will not change it for the world, as its the best car I have ever had.
Diesel automatic? - Dynamic Dave
Baz, can you quote the message you're replying to first, then add your reply underneath. I've just amended your other 2 replies as well as this one. thanx, DD.
Diesel automatic? - L.Cleaver1
Any reliable diesel automatics, (2nd hand) up to £10k?
Would have to last the next 10 years
Comments would be appreciated.

Purchased 1 month ago Passat PD115 SE estate - tiptronic box at £8½K with 80K on clock + VW FSH. Used for commuting 300-400 miles/week - simply fantastic so far. Diesel lump really suits tiptronic car. If I need a burst of power simply go to manual side of gearbox - useful for crossing busy roundabouts at rush hour. Economy very good - about 45mpg without trying too hard


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