Ford Focus tdci zetec 2005 - immobiliser problem - focuskev

Im having a bit of a game with my immobiliser in that it sometimes cuts in and stops me starting up. It predominantly plays up in supermarket car parks ive noticed though not all the time. Initially I thought it was the boot after putting the shopping in there first without opening any other door first but it proved me wrong yesterday. There has been a couple of instances where Ive gone back to the car to get something out without turning the engine and gone back to it only to find it wont start. Ive reprogrammed the key and all the locks work fine with the remote.

Could it be cross interference with similar vehicles parked by or mobile phone/mast interference(last week I was parked right under a massive o2 mast and it played up). Ive spoke to Ford Servicing but as usual its a 'bring it in for us to look at' response

Any help much appreciated


Ford Focus tdci zetec 2005 - immobiliser problem - totally goddess

Hi I have a similar problem.

ALways at tescos

I drive there fine, come out after 10 mintues and then the car will nto start - the immobiliser light just above the clock is flashing and I cannot remember how to turn it off, I know there is a simple key turning comnination that works but cannot find it again.

I have tried;

tuning it on and off 4 time sin 5 econds - I get a beep

then pressing the "open doors" button on the 3 button fob, I get a beep

but I must be missing a step as it still will nto let me start the car - just goes back to flashing.

The battery is fine, the car is fine, the battery in the fob is fin, it unlocks and lock the car fine, all the lights come on fine, the stereo works fine, the electric weindows work fin I jsu can't start the darned thing!!

- help please!!

Ford Focus tdci zetec 2005 - immobiliser problem - totally goddess

Got it!

ok - for anyone else with this problem ( I have read quite a few posts with this issue 0 supermarkets are a hotspot for this)

1. put key in ignition and turn from 0 to II 4 times in 5 seconds ( you will hear a beep)

2. immediately take key out and press the "open" doors button on the 3 button fob (you will hear a beep)

3. put the key back in the ignition, just on the 0 setting and leave it alone for 10 to 30 minutes and BINGO you can now start your car.

phew - on my way home now - happy days ;-)

Ford Focus tdci zetec 2005 - immobiliser problem - Bigdaveg

That problem sound like the one that hits my 2003 Fusion tdci about every 5-6 months, when it happens my remedy is to hand pump (well squeeze), the rubber fuel bleeder until it gets hard, which takes about 5 minutes and hey presto the car starts, I heard a few years ago that a shortage of fuel within the system can cause the immoblizer to kick in, now wether true or not, it always works in my case, and involves a lot less waiting around & leaving keys in the ignition.

Hopefully someone will be able to explain why it happens ?.


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