VW Passat 1.9TDI 130bhp 05 model (B5) - Flywheel - Dual Mass or Solid ? - konrose

According to my mechanic my flywheel is starting to give bother, it is intermittently rattling, and apparently will eventually "go", it needs replaced.

I generally tend to think that if you are in and around the gearbox / flywheel that it is wise to fit a clutch, as I have often heard of a clutch failing soon after new parts have been fitted around it.

What I need advice on is if there is much of a difference in fitting a replacement dual mass flywheel / clutch setup, as opposed to a solid flywheel / clutch setup.

The Solid flywheel conversion is almost half the price of the dual mass setup, but which is best ? Saving on price initally sounds great but is it a false economy ?

(69000 miles on the clock, and I intend to run it for another 2 years avg 22000 per year)

Thanks for reading

VW Passat 1.9TDI 130bhp 05 model (B5) - Flywheel - Dual Mass or Solid ? - Peter D

It has a DMF. At 69K I would say is a bit early. DMF's are pretty tough but the PD engines give them a hard time when the driver takes advantage of the torque. Fitting a solid one will increase vibration, noise in the cabin at low steeds and eventually shake the exhaust flexi joint apart. The only advantage is that it is cheaper and yes fit a new clutch. If you have been giving the clutch/DMF a hard time then you may require a new flywheel. Regards Peter


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