What parts of a V5 logbook must a used car have? - RoscoF

Hi there,

The depth of knowledge on the posts in this board is impressive so I'm hoping someone can help me out with a V5 question - which is basically, what parts of the V5 must a used car have to be legit?

In more detail, I'm looking to change my car for the first time in 7 years, and the logbook has the first page - sections 4-8 - but only section 11 and the pink bit of the second page, both detached.

The dealer says the car was acquired at auction, and not registered to them. The checks I've done with MyCarCheck confirm no changes of ownership, i.e. just 1 owner from new. So am wondering why he hasn't got parts 9 and 10, and should I be concerned. I want to make sure I will have legal title and another interm owner (auction house or this dealer) isn't going to be notified to the DVLA once I've bought the car.

To be honest, the car is a little cheap, although the car itself and VIN and mileage check out, with no outstanding finance or Insurance writeoff status (all according to MyCarCheck) and I want to be confident I've done all the sensible checks before parting with cash.

Help and advice very gratefully received

What parts of a V5 logbook must a used car have? - Dwight Van Driver

V5C - Registration Certificate should consist of a four page document folded in two.

The Reg Keeper when selling should complete Section 6 by entering the details of the person to whom sold (New keeper).

Also complete Section 10 (New Keeper supplement) with details of the new owner (Keeper) and give this to the new owner (buyer).

Both the old owner( Seller) and the new owner ( buyer) MUST sign the declaration at Section 8.

The old Reg Keeper (Seller) should then send V5C ( Sections 1-8 ) forthwith to DVLA who within 4 weeks acknowledge and confirm to seller no longer ther owner. Until such time as he notifies DVLA he liable for the vehicle.

The new owner uses the green section 10 slip as proof of Keepership to Tax the vehicle and in the fullness of time received from DVLA a complete 4 page V5C in his name.

When the Trader got the vehicle the old keeper should have entered Traders details on Section 9 , (Transfer to Motyor Trade) both sign and old keeper sends Section 9 off to DVLA and hands V5C to Trader.

Trader will then be in possession of a full V5C minus Section 9.

Trader when selling to you will complete Section 10 and hand to you. He then sends rest of V5C to DVLA. They, as stated above send you a new full V5C.

If the Trader does not have a V5C for the vehicle then be very, very wary and get him to get one so that you can have a Section 10 slip.


What parts of a V5 logbook must a used car have? - RoscoF


Thanks, this is a clear laydown of the process and very helpful. Although I'm planning to ask if he has section 10, my understanding from what you've said is that it is section 6 which must be used to register the vehicle in the buyer's name and no other section can be used for that purpose.

He has this section- the first page is intact and not filled out, and not among the stolen numbers from the DVLA. So am I right in thinking I am good as long as I have sections 1-8, in particular section 6, these will allow me to register the vehicle in my name, and so long as they are blank, no-one will have been able to do that previously, so there can be no risk of another owner?

Thanks again for your help


What parts of a V5 logbook must a used car have? - Dwight Van Driver

The Trader will send the completed Section 6 when he submits the V5C to DVLA notifing that he has sold the vehicle to you. Your notification of change of ownership will be via Sect 6 and 8.

YOU SHOULD BE GIVEN Section 10 as the New keeper supplement as your proof. Nothing back to you from DVLA i9n 28 days start pushing them for new V5C in your name)

If he can give you Section 10 then go for it.

(Note: because of the many lash ups with DVLA on change of ownership to back up my obligation I generally send them a letter about the change with proof of postage doubling my obligation at Law)


What parts of a V5 logbook must a used car have? - Doc

Section 10 is valid for 2 months from change of owner and is used if new car tax is required (whilst waiting for new V5 to arrive)

Section 6 should be filled in and section 8 MUST be signed by old and new keepers. Sections 1-8 must be sent to DVLA.

What parts of a V5 logbook must a used car have? - pd

It is not uncommon for V5's to come apart and the Section 10 tear off slip to get lost in the system. A lot of cars go through auction described as "front page V5 only".

The only issue you need to check - apart from the usual used car things - is whether you and/or the dealer can tax the car without the Section 10.

What parts of a V5 logbook must a used car have? - RoscoF

Thanks everyone for your help with this. Bought the car, V5 is in the post to the DVLA, and confident that will be fine based upon your replies.


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