Nissan 200SX - Very slow to build revs when hot - John Kerrigan
Dear Sir

I own a K-plate old-shape Nissan 200SX Auto that has been regularly serviced (including semi-synthetic oil changes at every 6,000 miles) and has covered 84,000 miles.

The car has always idled at about 700-800 rpm in gear but recently, when the engine was hot after a long motorway run, the engine took a very long time to pick up revs from a standing start. The problem even occured in neutral with no load on the engine.

Clearly, this makes the car very hazardous to drive around town when hot because it literally crawls around in 1st at about 5mph until the revs rise sufficiently (about 2,500 - 3,000 rpm) and the turbo cuts in - a process that can take up one minute. Above 3,000 rpm the care operates normally.

The local garage I use to service the car has spent a day running various diagnostics and drawn a blank. I would be grateful if anyone with a 200SX who has suffered from a similar problem could let me know how it was rectified before I approach Nissan.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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