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Hi All

I am aware there are lots of threads on this subject but I have been unable to find what I am looking for.

I have a Peugeot 206 HDI GTI reg 2004. It has regular services on the dot when its supposed to which have all been done by a peugeot dealer.

It has done 60,000 miles and it recently has said "unblock diesel filter". I have taken this to the garage and they are trying to fix it before ordering the new part which will cost £749 inc fluid & labour.

Im a bit concerned, because if it has had regualr services, shouldnt this have been avoided? I cannot find anywhere on the net what should be covered at each service, but my friend is adament that this should not have happened due to the regular services, and that it should have been replaced or maintained on one of the big services.

I appreciate any thoughts on this.


Peugeot 206 hatchback HDI GTI - Peugeot 206 "Unblock Diesel Filter" - dieselnut

The 'diesel filter' on your cars alarm message is a particle filter in your cars exhaust system that traps most of the diesel particles. The fluid is Eolys fluid that is automatically injected into the fuel each time you fill up.

The fluid helps the particles to burn more readily at a lower temperature.

The particle filter is meant to be changed or cleaned out at 50,000, or on later model cars 80,000 miles. The Eolys fluid is filled up at the same time so that the system works for another 50 or 80k miles.

Most garages will just change the filter which is where the £749 cost is coming from.

If you are handy you can remove the particle filter & clean it yourself with jetted water & fill the Eolys container, costs about £120 for 5l of Eolys.

Your car may just need a good run ie 20 miles up the motorway at 3000 revs & 70 mph which may clean out the filter. But if your car is one that needed the filter service at 50k it will only be a temporary fix.

Do a forum search on 'FAP' & 'Eolys' & you will get a good understanding of how the system functions.

Hope this helps.

Peugeot 206 hatchback HDI GTI - Peugeot 206 "Unblock Diesel Filter" - xxSaffronxx

Hi thanks for this - i am not handy at all so i wont be doing it LOL

So are you saying this should have been covered in the service? Or would they still have charged me £749 if during the service they found it needed one?

Peugeot 206 hatchback HDI GTI - Peugeot 206 "Unblock Diesel Filter" - dieselnut

This is not covered by a normal service.

It's really like a cam belt change.

Although it's needed at at certain mileage, it would be something agreed between the garage & custommer, probably at the garages recomendation.

Also it wil depend how the car has been driven.

If its had a lot of motorway use the filter will last longer than a car that has had a lot of town use.

But as i said above, your car may just need a fast run at highish revs to clear out the filter.

The cost quoted by your garage seems a bit steep, I think you could get thta down quite a bit if you shop around.


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