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i wanted to change my car last year when we were expecting our first baby, but things didn't go the way we would had like so i just stuck to my good old Mazda 323.

Now we're expecting baby once again and i want to change my car. its getting really old now and SwMbo is on my case to change my car.

i've got around 7 - 8k to spend and i've shortlisted 2/3 cars. want your opinion about them. Reliability and running costs are really important to me. i've shortlisted honda accord 2.2 ctDi Sport (facelift model) and Passat 1.9/2.0 diesel. i've been looking at Qashqai but its out of my budget.

would love to know what you experts think of which one i should go for? anyone who's got one of these cars, their feedback would really be appreciated. this car would be driven mainly by me for commuting 20 miles round trip and on motorways. SwMbo has a small car which would be used as shopping trolley.

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hopefully an expert will be along in a minute. in the mean time, here are my thoughts.

hondas and Vws tend to be fairly highly priced as used cars, because of perceived quality. that means that, for your money, you get a slightly older car than you would if you bought, say a Mondeo or a Skoda. and slightly older usually means slightly less reliable.

Reliability statistics compiled by which? indicated that the Passat has not been very reliable.

how many miles per year would you be expecting the car to do?

honda accord ctDi - buying used family car - LinuxGeek

tyro thanks for your response.

i'll be doing around 10 to 12 thousand miles per year. For some reason i've never been a fan of Fords and i'm not considering Skoda octavia/Superb and avensis purely because there're too many of these used as taxis where i live!

the other problem is getting SwMbo to agree. She only likes accord and i've made her consider Passat too but i agree Passat seems to have quite a few reliability issues.

would love to get some feedback from accord owners on this forum!

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Perhaps you should also consider the 2.0 petrol engined accord. Seems utterly reliable (i have one in the civic) and you will not have to consider DMF problems. Site for accords:
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i would have thought the fact that Skodas etc are being used as a taxis is a sensible indication that you should consider these rather than that you should not. i am now on my second skoda and am very pleased with it. however if your wife has made up her mind, why swim against the tide? MGs

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There seeme to be some evidence that honda petrol engines are extremely reliable but diesels less so. Honda are comparatively new to diesels.

In general diesels seem to be more expensive to repair as they get older - despite which they still hold their value better then petrols, and so doing 12-12,000 a year I'd say you're better off with a petrol. The accord is a good car - although so are, for example, the Mondeo and Octavia and there will be more of these around to choose from. those two also give you the choice of 4 or 5 doors - the Accord is either a saloon or an estate.

Or live up to your nom de plume and stick with Mazda. the Mazda 6 is as good a car as the Accord, and also comes with 4 or 5 doors.

If you're going to be the main driver, assert yourself and have what YOU want!

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our experience of honda (with the latest generation civic) didn't live up to expectations of good build and reliability however the 2.2 i-ctDi engine was superb - we chose it over the iVtec because of its refinement, performance and economy (always mid 40s mpg, regularly over 50mpg) . the Vtecs need to be revved to access the performance although (in the civic at least) they're reputedly economical.

i believe that the accord has a better reputation for build than the civic, also by comparison (with the honda engine) the 2.0PD in VaGs is (based upon my experience) is peaky, unrefined and thirsty for both diesel and oil.

as others have said, Skodas have a great reputation, also what about the toyota avensis and of course the Ford Mondeo or its Mazda 6 cousin? i still harbour bad memories of Vauxhalls so will not comment although i'm sure Vectras will be cheap.

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having run a Diesel accord as a company car for four years. they are very good, but . .

in the last year it needed an imobilizer module which would have been out of warranty and almost meant car recovery, being off road waiting for part to come and a large bill. as it was a company car and they had a new car in stock that they took the module off it was not an issue for me. after 4 years it was starting to look tatty inside - not just wear but staining from the seams on the leather.

Many drivers to not get the economy from the diesel that i did - there are posts on here if you search on accord Diesel.

i switched to an octavia - so far it has been MoRe reliable than the honda, is as roomy and does what it is supposed to do very well. who cares if it looks like a taxi - last time i was in Germany 99% of the taxis were mercs but does that put people off buying them?

the accord did around 125k in four years, he octavia has done 53k in just under two.

if you want an ornament go with the expensive choice, if you want a car that will get you around cheaply and economically there are better options available. it is your money


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"or live up to your nom de plume and stick with Mazda. the Mazda 6 is as good a car as the accord, and also comes with 4 or 5 doors."

but be aware that Mazda 6 diesels can be very problematical.

honda accord ctDi - buying used family car - LinuxGeek
thanks for all your responses so far.
Some of you have made me think hard now about buying an accord. i've read a lot of reviews about it, in particular about the diesel models and they all are very encouraging.
i've got this impression honda fixed the issues in the facelift accords, they encountered in the earlier accord diesels???
i'm thinking if i'll go for a petrol car then it would more than likely be Mazda6. they return better MPG than accord and are cheaper to insure.
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I've been trying to choose between similar cars to you, MM - what puts me off the Mazda6 is the warning in HJ's review that they can rust after 4 years, something borne out by further researching in the forums. Reckon it's going to be an Octavia for me.

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I have an Accord Ex Tourer iCTDI that I bought new in 2004. It has behaved impeccably - touch wood - apart from a problem with the wiring in the tailgate. Fuel consumption is excellent - around 39mpg around town, and 53mpg fully laden on motorways. No oil used between services.

The car still looks and drives like new. I'll be changing it later this year for a new Accord.

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what puts me off the Mazda6 is the warning in HJ's review that they can rust after 4 years, something borne out by further researching in the forums.

I'm not arguing with HJ's review or Slow Eddie's further research, but I see no obvious signs of rust on older 6's that I come across locally, nor is there any visible on the one that I've owned since 2002.

Clk Sec

Honda Accord CTDi - buying used family car - tyro

"I've got this impression Honda fixed the issues in the facelift Accords, they encountered in the earlier Accord diesels???"

I'd be very surprised if they hadn't done so. All manufacturers tend to do so, and Honda tend to be more concerned about reliablity than most.

But I'd still be wary of getting a new shape Civic.


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Mine had none of the issues that were publicised - it did have a few components replaced that you would not expect to replace.

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I've run a diesel Accord Tourer for just over four years and 99.5k miles.

The report card is mixed. The car still drives pretty much as new: fast, tractable, good range (600 miles), quiet, comfortable, practical (huge!), easy to live with. The interior looks as new, no rattles, no obvious wear. I've done 830 miles in a day and felt okay afterwards (not that I'd do that again!).

Reliability has not been good for me. The car has been off the road for 2 months since new. No problem has been particularly serious, but it's taken a long time and a lot of hassle to get fixed every time, mostly because Honda don't have to fix them very often! (The AA guys who have picked me up don't normally see Accords, apparently).

Problems have been a faulty alternator at 17k (1 month off the road, comprising 2 weeks for Honda France to destroy a holiday and then 2 weeks for Honda UK to sort out the mess back in the UK), an EGR at 40k (1 month of repeated attempts at fault finding and other remedies), a sticking handbrake caliper (1 week as the workshop was full and I didn't need it back urgently) and it has just needed a new clutch. I've always been kept informed (other than in France), and always had a courtesy car if I've needed one.

It's nor clear if I'll have to pay for the clutch yet, there was a known problem with the cover that meant that 40% of the friction plate was not engaging. It's fixed and the garage are talking to the warranty people.

So not a good record, but I've been very unlucky.

I honestly don't know what I would replace it with. I'd echo others that comment that a Skoda Octavia might be a better choice. In 1.9 diesel form they appear unstoppable - I know one guy who did 630,000 miles in 4 years (a taxi, obviously) and only needed 2 clutches and a set of injectors in that time (plus routine parts and servicing). But, the Honda is larger, faster, and somehow a bit nicer. It's not a choice that makes sense on just the facts, but I might buy the Honda again. Saying that, I've not looked at a Superb yet.

It's under warranty until the end of the year, so I'll consider then. But currently I plan to keep it and run to high miles. We shall see. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for all your replies guys. I'm thinking I'll go down to cargiant and would test drive both to feel which one I like more. But as I've been driving diesels for over 4 years now I won't be surprised if I get biased towards diesel :)

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I would not be surprised either.

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I won't be surprised if I get biased towards diesel :)

After you've looked through the Technical threads, of course.


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Don't know much about the Honda, though I think it looks good.

Test drove an Octavia 1.9D last year when making up mind about replacement for an ageing small car, and would definitely have bought one had the other half not wanted an MPV. Plenty of power, nice to drive, lots of room, well built, and it had a full sized spare wheel (an oddity in today's world, I think). I would have considered a Mondeo but OH thought that they were too long. Similarly Vectra estate - they really are huge.

Whatever you go for, don't let the fact that taxi drivers seem to use Octavias put you off - it's their bread and butter.

Honda Accord CTDi - buying used family car - LinuxGeek

Bought Honda Accord i-CTDi Sport in black colour from cargiant on the weekend. It has to be the best car by a long mile I've ever bought and definitely the best diesel I've ever driven. Its got really good kit as well.

So am well happy :D

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I've managed to do 70k in my companies 56 reg Accord. The only time its needed the garage outside of servicing is when I've hit someone and someone hit me.

Apart from that it's being reliable, nothing has gone wrong (thats the kiss of death now) and its been a pleasure to drive. However, the rear wheels are now showing signs of alloy corrosion, and the chip in the bonnet is starting to rust while inside the drivers seat is starting to look distinctly saggy.

I would have another Honda when this goes back in December (this being my third Honda in 10 years) but Honda's are now off the list, but the Skoda Superb Estate is, so thats taking my fancy at the moment.

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My friend's 03 Accord (S type) was practically faultless, I used it extensively while he was away, despite being the 2.4, fuel economy was good, although the aggresive fuel cutout made on/off throttle response jerky, The only problem I'm aware of is the wheels can corrode onto the hubs, take them off once a year and give it all a good clean up. The Accord's rear disks also corrode easily - it's only surface rust, don''t let a dealer talk you into needlessly replacing them, find an empty carpark occasionally, reverse fast and brake hard, the front to rear weight transfer will get the rear brakes working and clear the rust.

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With your budget, I'm assuming you're buying privately, in which case overall running costs are a big factor. The Accords in that price bracket will be well out of warranty with probably high miles. Not necessarily a problem but as a private owner, you'll be footing the bill for some possibly large repair costs IF something does go wrong. I would be looking to minimise the downside risk by going for a popular petrol model, where there are plenty of pattern and used spares around. Modern diesels are brilliant but amazingly complicated and expensive when they do go wrong! Something like a Mondeo petrol, Vectra petrol or Octavia/Passat petrol (or diesel as plenty of expertise and spares around for older PD/Tdi models) .

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i know in China honda accord petrol 2.4 ivtec is really good choise.


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