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Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - OldSock
Looking at options for insuring my 18 year-old son whilst he has a provisional licence.

Among the options is the afore-mentioned insurance company, which provides short-term cover for supervised driving in (usually) their parent's car. Seems a good idea, bearing in mind that the 'lessons' may be a bit sporadic but in 'clusters'.

Has anyone used them - or anything similar - as opposed to a full year's policy?
Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - L'escargot
Get a quote .............. www.provisionalmarmalade.co.uk/

The inane company name is enough to put me off.
Anyone used \'Provisional Marmalade\' insurance? - qaz
But I like marmalade!
Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - Armitage Shanks {p}

I'm with the mollusc on this! I wouldn't buy anything that used the skeletal and very ugly *gg* P*pp in their advertising!
Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - jbif
Has anyone used them - or anything similar - as opposed to a full year's policy?

I know people who have used
but don't know anyone who has had to make a claim as yet.
It does not affect the owner's insurance claim history, and gives cover for a fixed price for most cars up to group 15 valued under £20k. think it is a good idea and a good deal.
Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - daveyjp
"bearing in mind that the 'lessons' may be a bit sporadic but in 'clusters'. "

If you can avoid doing it this way. It is far better to have enough cash for all the lessons, do two or three a week and get it over and done with in 6 months.
Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - Froggy bloke

Just to add to this, I used Provisional Marmalade and luckily we didnt have to claim.

But to add my daughter to my insurance was going to cost a fortune, and £90 a month seemed like a much better idea - beats gambling with your no claims bonus

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - Falkirk Bairn

Arnold Clark "rents learner cars by the hour" - dual control and it used to be £10 / hour.

Maybe dearer now but struck me a reasonable value for practice lessons.

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - LucyBC
The problem with provisional marmalade is I believe the premium rockets up when you pass your test.

i-kube is "curfew insurance" which is specifically aimed at young drivers. There is a box in the car which means they cannot use the vehicle (except by paying a loading) between 11pm and 5am which are the times if greatest risk - and possibly when you wouldn't want them driving anyway.

They use mainstream insurers and I think they are competitive unless you live in a major urban centre when any quote is going to be atmospheric in any event.

It's a telephone quotation system:

Website: www.i-kube.co.uk/
Telephone: 0844 346 0428

Edited by LucyBC on 15/12/2010 at 12:44

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - Chris M

Currently using coveredlearnerdriver.com for my 17 yo son. Took out a 3 month policy (actually 12 weeks) for just under £200, although I see that has now gone up to £220. They will do 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 month policies. It's underwritten by Brit Insurance - at least someone I've heard of.

Fortunately, I've no idea what the claims service is like, but as the car covered is my wife's 12 yo Punto, it's not a big deal for me.

Went the learner driver route as her former insurer wouldn't cover <21 yo at all. Whilst getting renewal quotes last month, NFU quoted £750 for the year and the premium would not have risen when he passes his test. We live on the south coast in low crime area, car garaged, low annual mileage, full NCB, no points and good credit rating. We're as good as it gets for insurance quotes. Smug or what ;-)

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - Froggy bloke

The Provisional Marmalade policy does not go up when you pass your test, its for LEARNER DRIVERS so once you pass your test you get normal insurance, because the policy stops covering you.

You can get it a month at a time so if your doing clusters of lessons that works really well, and my daughter used it, and has since passed her test...im sure due to all the expert tuition i gave her...well that and all the lessons too!

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - James2004

I have just found Honest John when searching for information on this company, I found a really shoddy looking review for Provisional Marmalade on a site

(Ed: he doesn't mean this site)

Shoddy looking review for provisoinal marmalade

but it did have a discount code that didnt seem to work, I wondered after looking at it if the company was putting out bum review sites but I have taken some reassurance after reading this and might give them a try.

I would love to hear off anyone who had made a claim though if there is anyone out there?

Edited by Avant on 08/08/2012 at 22:22

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - Wellensitich

There are plenty of decent reviews on Young Marmalade and Provisional Marmalade online. They have won numerous insurance awards too. They are a reputable company and have both Allianz and Chaucer underwriting their policies. Surely you must have heard of them? They have been trading for 7 years and are on companies house.

The name 'sticks' in everyones mind which is what a company is supposed to do, whether you like it or not has no relevance on the fact it may save you money and your childs life by monitoring their driving!

Edited by Wellensitich on 04/03/2014 at 10:06

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - leef

Yes, used them from March to May last year for my wife while she was learning. I think I paid £225 for 3 months cover. Heard that it has changed now and is only for 17/18 year olds? had no issues with them, although I tink they refuse to cover some postcodes!. Another poster put collingwood insurance as an alternative, I have a family member who is currently using them as well and so far so good. As with all insurance, you only know how good they are when you have to make a claim!.



Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - Anonymous 101

I had an accident which the insurance company said that it was a no fault basis claim as I was stationary. I had to pay nothing. However, when I went to renew my insurance marmalade denied. Then I have to declare this when applying for new insurance. I have recently passed my test and cannot get insurance without paying £7000 due to the knock on effect. Some even refuse to insure me as I pose to much of a risk. Please learn from this as I am paying the price for it.

Even when getting the insurance ombudsman involved they will not take it off my record. I would have been better braking the law and having no insurance. This would have been cheaper and I would have been able to get some insurance. I am now left in the situation where I have passed and cannot afford the insurance (which costs more than the price of the car due to marmalade.)

Edited by Avant on 07/01/2015 at 23:41

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - mijewen

My daughter used Marmalade, and we're not happy!

Until recently, she was practicing driving in her partner's car, but they broke up just four days before her test, so she took out a one-month Marmalade policy (because that's their minimum term) to practice in my car, and take the test in it. After four days, she took the test and passed. At that point, she was no longer a learner driver, so was no longer legally allowed to use the insurance. Consequently, we asked for a refund of the unused portion of the policy, which they refused, quoting their tems and conditions, which apparently say that no refund is given.

I doubt that such a statement in the T's & C's is legal, but I have also been unable to find them on the web site. I found the T's & C's governing use of the site, but they don't say anything about payment or non-payment of a surplus. Note that the web site says in a banner headline "From only £2.05 per day*" The asterisk refers to a statement " Price based on a 90 day policy at £184.08, achievable by 41% of marmalade customers" Well, that may be how the daily rate was calculated, but it still states a daily rate, which gives the impression that the unit period of insurance is a day, not a month or part thereof. One expects that when an insurance company makes a charge for insurance, they will be taking some risk in return, but in this case, no risk is even legally possible!

As somebody else noted, the quality of an insurance policy can only be gauged when a claim is made. Insurance companies exist to get money in, not to give it out, and it seems to me that this company is no exception. What they want is ... THE MONEY!!! Needless to say, if you have any other option than Marmalade, I would recommend that you take it.

Bunch of crooks!

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - galileo

I think you will find it is common practice with many insurers to stick you with a hefty charge if you want to cancel a policy before renewal date.

So I am not surprised no refunds are given, they are a business and their rates for cover will have been calculated to allow for increased risk.

Conventional insurers might refund for unused cover but would be more costly to start with.

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - alan1302

You took out a 1 month policy and now want a refund? Not going to happen as you got what you paid for - not sure why you would expect a refund either. Ypu often find comapnies that show how much it costs per day but that doesn't mean you can just use it for a few days and then get a refund.

Anyone used 'Provisional Marmalade' insurance? - Chris M

Perhaps you should have read the policy document.

Page 21 makes it very clear that the policy is automatically cancelled once the driver passes their test and that no refund will be given. You would have also seen that you had the right, without having to give a reason, to cancel the policy within 14 days of inception and been given a pro-rata refund less charges. That's what you should have done.


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