04 1.8 Battery confusion - stuffandblah
I need to replace my near dead battery on my diesel focus. Although I'm a little confused...

The current battery is a Motorcraft superstart rated at 680A 70AH, which is lead acid. Now I've been reading around, some people are saying stick with lead acid, others say go with calcium or silver. What's best?

Also the battery I have has dimensions of: 315x175x175mm, when going to the halfords website and entering my car reg their replacement batteries are mainly 278x175x175mm. Will these be too small (in length)?

Would this do, or can anyone recommend an alternative?


04 1.8 Battery confusion - Peter.N.
Don't worry about the size just make sure it is 70 ah, if you have a choice take the heaviest one.
04 1.8 Battery confusion - Roly93
I understand that with all recentish Fords including all Focus models, that they must have calcium batteries, as the charging system is set up for the characteristics of them.

I also understand that a standard lead battery will be okay for a while, but eventually, the more agressive charging setup will shorten the life of a conventional lead-acid battery.
04 1.8 Battery confusion - jc2
A Ford of that date MUST have a "calcium" battery.
04 1.8 Battery confusion - jc2
Most car batteries are lead/acid;the calcium is used in the plates in them.
04 1.8 Battery confusion - Tommk4
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04 1.8 Battery confusion - L'escargot
This might give you a better understanding of the different types of battery. www.mpoweruk.com/leadacid.htm

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