91 1.6 xr2I 8v emissions too high - screech
hi all hope some one can help me i hope my car is up for m,o,t and the emissions are at 4.5 and i can not get them down under 3.5 for my m,o,t i have fitted a new co control screw with a new one from the main dealer and it did not do any thing fitted new plugs plug leads air filter full filter new cam shalft and tappets all new!! check cam belt timeing the engine had new big end bearings piston rings fitted and seems to be runnig great its just the emissions is driveing me mad!!! i did get told ecu can go faulty that stops you from resetting the emissions is this true?.

can any one help me please and let me no!!

many thanks

91 1.6 xr2I 8v emissions too high - elekie&a/c doctor
The Efi system fitted to these is fairly crude ,but you should still be able to adjust the co to less than 3%.Start by checking the vacuum pipe that runs from the inlet manifold to the Map sensor on the bulkhead.Some models have a plastic restrictor in the pipe,if yours does ,then make sure it is fitted the correct way round(should have "eng" to engine side).Also check the throttle switch adjustment.There should be a faint click as the throttle linkage comes to the rest position(idle).At the battery neg terminal there are a bunch of small brown wires.Make sure these are clean and tight to earth.As for a faulty Ecu,I would say unlikely,but the map sensor may be suspect.hth


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