Pugugly 330d - Mikek
Pugugly - Have kept abreast of your high praise for your current 330d. Is it worth buying and do you know what price the lease company want ? Any particular reason why you choose not to purchase privately ? Any other advice/tips on this car would be appreciated.
Pugugly 330d - CM
i've got the 530dT and can back up pugugly's praise for the motor, although I personally am not a great fan of the 3 series saloon. The 530dT goes very well indeed and with less weight the 330d will be even better.

J. Button got done for 141mph in one.
Pugugly 330d - Dizzy {P}

You emphasised that you are not keen on the BMW 3 Series saloon. Could you expand on this for the benefit of my education?

I have driven just one 3 Series (a saloon with the superb Valvetronic engine) and quite liked it, though not as much as the E39 5 Series.

Pugugly 330d - CM

Having had a 325tds before the 530dT, I just find that the saloon seemed a bit cramped especially in the back. Having said that I have not had the pleasure of being in an E46 so things might have changed. What I do like about the 5 series is that it is that little bit wider. Maybe as I grow wider I find that I like the extra width that the 5er (and cars like the Vaux Omega) gives! Soon I will be going for a Hummer!

I personally think that the E46 saloon is not as good looking as the estate. Also I suppose that estates being airier will always seem less cramped than they probably are.
Pugugly 330d - Pugugly {P}
It is part of leasing package that my "Firm" embarked on, we run a one make fleet made up of 3 series, compacts (good motor, a real BM) and starting to get Minis now. It has been truly an excellent car and find it difficult to fault (boot space perhaps if you want to be picky - suspension intrusion)it now has nearly 60k on it and feels like it did when it was new. I have been thinking of getting a disposal price from the company actually. The car's paintwork (o.k. boring old Titanium Silver) polishes up like new despite being kept outside. I, honestly, find it difficult to fault - it handles like any petrol engined BM and is a sublime motor in all senses. It will be replaced by another in the next couple of weeks and for the first time in my motoring career am not looking forward to the new one arriving. Fuel economy is excellent. Very rarely see one in the classifids. This one was fully loaded (peversly with a smoking pack - must have forgot to uncheck the box) - if this is the future of diesel we will all be driving them before long. OK BM's are ubiquitous but if I want to be different I drive the Defender to parties.
Pugugly 330d - Jonathan {p}
I do hope that this isn't too dumb a question, but what is a smokers package? please don't tell me they itemise the cigar lighters and ashtrays? Or is it an optional extra for the yardies?
Pugugly 330d - Pugugly {P}
You are right !
Even an ashtray and lighter is an option...in fact the Non-smoker
pack is an option i.e. you get "additional storage" no-cost by the way.
Pugugly 330d - Mikek
Pugugly - If you do get a disposal price and decide not to purchase yourself, I would be keen (depending on the price/condition of car/spec)to get in touch and either purchase or follow to auction. I assume its an auto, but have you considered or driven the manual (lower tax liability) ?
Finally, what additonal options does your new 330d have that
the old one does not?
Pugugly 330d - SjB {P}
I am hopefully on the point of ordering a new S60 2.4T, and to my delight (genuine, not facaetious) I saw that an ashtray and lighter have to be specified if wanted, so it's not just Beemers with smokers pack options.

Pugugly 330d - Pugugly {P}
It is a Manual...none the worse for that !

Admin staff have been tasked to get a price - should have it by tomorrow.

I know that the new one is has Sat Nav etc as has the oldie. I am not thinking of buying it myself. It is in top nick. None smoker (i.e. me and the car !)it is an SE de-badged with body coloured handles (very important that - apparantly). Rear seats rarely used, new spare. Alloys unchewed, just had new front tyres.... I will need to know by the end of next week if anyone has an interest
Pugugly 330d - Pugugly {P}

I didn't make the call and therefore don't know the details about Warranty and the such like. I presume its the balance of the 3 yr Warranty although there may be mileage issues (64k). The company want 18k for it. I think, personally, its a bit steep
and I feel that there is a hidden agenda (i.e. someone from the delaership/lasing company may be after it) - HJ might offer an opinion as to whether its realistic or not.
Pugugly 330d - Mikek
Did you get the new motor yet ?
Pugugly 330d - Pugugly {P}
NO . Shortly before Christmas I was infomred that my chosen replacement was "not available for some time". I was offered a 530d as a stop gap (apparanlty a nearly new one) I turned it down. In theory the leasing comapany should have contacted the firm this week - but we haven't heard from them. Meanwhile the 330d carries on regardless....I might try and stick it out for one of those pretty 330d Coupes...some hope.
Pugugly 330d - Citroënian {P}
> not available for some time

So that'll be at the bottom of the Channel then. It'll take ages to dry out, so you might be better off swapping for the Coupe!

Pugugly 330d - Mikek
Pugugly - Maybe by the time your new car arrives the disposal price may have dropped to a reasonable figure - 18k plus seems very rich to me for a 60k mile plus motor. Would appreciate if you kept us up to date on developments.
Pugugly 330d - Pugugly {P}
I will. I will be bribing our Fleet Admin person tomorrow not to be pro-active in chasing them up.


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