97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Rattle
Some of my may know my dad broke his arm in four places 8 weeks ago and still cannot drive as a result. I then broke my eblow a week later and was unable to drive for four and a half weeks. This meant both cars were not used during the cold snap. My car worked fine and am now using it daily, I have used my dads car a little but the last journey was a week ago and was 1.5 mile trip to the local Arndale centre. It started fine but took herpas 2 seconds to start.

Tried starting it yesterday and it would not start, I just hear a very faint attempt to start then all I can hear is clicking from the solinoid. I've measured the battery and it measures 12.2v butt hen I've had this before with duff batteries that they appear to measure fine but have no ampage.

So I do need to buy a new battery, charge this one or is it something else? The battery is about 18 months old.
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Robin the Technician
Hi Rattle,
Sorry to hear about you and your Fathers injuries - I wish you both speedy recoveries.

From what you say it sounds like a combination of lack of use, cold weather and a short journey has drained the battery. I would suggest you remove it from the vehicle and charge it up 24 - 48 hrs on trickle charge should bring life back to it. This is the cheapest method - if it works, its cost nothing apart from a bit of mains electricity. If it fails it just confirms you need a new battery.

Hope this helps

Robin the Technician
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - ex-Triumph man
Quickest and cheapest option would be trickle charging. If the battery is so relatively young, it may still be under a guarantee. Worth a try.
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Rattle
I don't know where it was bought from, our local indie fitted it but he only charged £45 so it may not be a good one. Its made by a company called Exide, I am sure they are a known brand.

I will go to Halfords when I get chance and buy a cheap charger, it will come in handy again sometime I am sure.
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Englishbullterrier
Exide are indeed a good make of batteries............

Good investment...intelligent charger.

97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - bathtub tom
Can't you jump start it and take it for a decent run, twenty miles or so?
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - quizman
If the battery is dead, take it back to who you bought it off and get a new one free. It must have at least a 2 year warranty.
Exide have quite a good name but I think they have gone off a bit over the last few years. Varta and Bosch, which are made by the same firm, seem to be the best batteries these days.
I agree with bathtub tom, give it a good run, then if it will not start you know the battery is kaput. A good way to start it would be to get a few people to give it a push, don't let your dad help in his current condition though!
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Rattle
Thats why I can't push start it, my dad has no strength at all, he isn't even cable of even putting in gear. Also it has to be a day when there are no other cars there, there usualy isn't a free run.

I think what happened is when I did the last journey I did 1.5 miles, stopped - an hour later got back in, started in another 1.5 miles. I probably took a lot more charge out than I put in.

If I have to disconect the batttery are there any rules to follow other than disconnect negative first?
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Rattle
Got the battery on a slow charge now :) I will try tomorrow to see if I can get it to charge, the charger certainly seems to think the battery is flat.

97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Englishbullterrier
Did you get a "smart charger" ??
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Rattle
Sadly not so I am having to faff about with distilled water and constantly checking the multimeter :(

The problem now is I need to move it way for the evening because of the cats and continue charging tomorrow, the problem is I have already been drinking so removing the croc clips after several will be fun.

I am well aware how dangerious car batteries can be.

The only LEDs are

Wrong connection

Been on charging all day.

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97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - mcguyver
Remember to check the charge from your alternator when you (eventually) get it started.

Plenty of unnecessary money has been spent replacing a healthy battery that wasn't being charged.
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Hamsafar
I think all Exides have a four year warranty. New ones do.
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Rattle
It isn't an excide, I am not sure where I got that from :( It turns out is a brand called Lion. I wish I had bought a new battery now rather than a charger but the car is an antique and one we may be getting rid of anyway so if the charging works I gain a battery charger out of it for future use.
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - jc2
Many of the smaller "smart" chargers will NOT charge a flat battery-they will maintain/top up one that is already charged.Always read the specification before you buy.
97 1.3 Car won't turn over - battery? - Rattle
Put the battery back in and turned over in less than a second, it was instant :)

I just need to hope that the battery keeps its charge now.

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