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03 2.0 HDi 90 - Starter Motor - can I fit new one - DishonestJack
I was just wondering whether it's possible for the home mechanic to fit a new starter motor to the above car. How accessible is it and are any special tools needed?
Many thanks,
03 2.0 HDi 90 - Starter Motor - can I fit new one - tony@tooting
It is right down the back of the engine. A pig to get to, even with a ramp.
03 2.0 HDi 90 - Starter Motor - can I fit new one - RichardW
Surely on a 2.0 HDi it's on the front where it always was on the XUD block? Easy enough DIY, althought getting the thing out once you've undone the bolts may be tricky (and the bolts are probably allen screws or Torx so you will need an appropriate bit to get them. The 1.6 HDi may well have the starter down the back.
03 2.0 HDi 90 - Starter Motor - can I fit new one - DishonestJack
Well that's better news, if correct. I may well have a go.
03 2.0 HDi 90 - Starter Motor - can I fit new one - DishonestJack

Okay, I did this:

I bought a reconditioned starter motor from aapoldham (on ebay). The starter on this car is at the front of the engine and needs to be accessed from above and below in order to complete the job.

Disconnect the battery before you start.

You will need the following tools:

  • Some hex keys/sockets up to and including an 8mm one
  • Some Torx/TX keys
  • Crosshead/flat bladed screwdriver set to undo various fixings
  • Some metric spanners

You need to remove:

  • The undertrays
  • The engine top cover

Unless you have one-inch diameter arms I recommend you remove:

  • The air filter housing (top and bottom plastic parts)
  • The fuel filter (black plastic canister thingy at the top front of the engine)

The starter is secured by three 8mm hex headed bolts (not Torx). Removal is quite tricky due to all the plumbing in the way, the really tricky one is the lower back-most one which is adjacent to what I think is perhaps the clutch cable guide? Anyway I removed one of the bolts from that and swung it out of the way to get at the last starter bolt.

These bolts also hold on a harness/pipe bracket which obviously needs to be refitted later.

There are two wires to disconnect from the starter solenoid, held on by nuts. Once you've undone everything you should be able to manoeuvre the motor out, probably from below.

Once removed you need to hunt out the locating dowel which is a sprung metal tube which will either be in the removed starter or may have remained in the mounting flange on the engine. Pull this out and install it in your new motor.

Fitting is the reverse of removal ;-)

Once fitted and everything put back to how it should be I reconnected the battery, turned the key and hey presto, it fired up instantly.

Now go and get a quote for the job from a Peugeot main dealer and make yourself feel good.

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