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Hi Everyone.

I have a 2001 VW Golf 1.6SE. When driving to / from work, after running for between 1 minute and 10 minutes, when sitting at the lights, or coasting to a junction, the engine will just cut out. Just before, the steering will get quite heavy (not sure if I'm imagining this, though, as soon as the engine cuts out, the steering is of course very heavy). Sometimes just before this happens, when sitting at the lights, the engine will start hunting.

The car will start straight away but it takes 5 seconds of turning over, and then it runs rough, with the engine hunting at idle and juddering once it's over 2800rpm, and the power delivery not as strong or as smooth. he jerks can be quite severe when traveling at over 60kmph. When it's running rough, though, it won't cut out at idle.

I have replicated this problem with the car sitting on my driveway just idling. The problems also appears to be becoming more frequent, so I'm worried it's getting worse. I find that running the air con at full power seems to make it worse as well.

If I stop the engine, wait 5 minutes, the car runs just fine, and so long as it's had a chance to warm up, will be fine. until the trip home... I don't think this is temperature related as I live in Perth, Aus, where the weather's pretty warm most of the time.

What's really strange is that if the engine cuts out while coasting to a stop, and I restart the engine by bump starting the car, it won't run rough having been restarted.

This car has been regularly serviced by a local mechanic who used to work for the VW dealership and is thus pretty competent. it's got 144,000kms on the clock, and has no other problems.

I've read up on this, and had the garage look at the computer (nothing), tried replacing relay 109 (though isn't this for the diesel?), and replaced the temperature sensor. I don't want to take it to the VW dealership, as I've seen too many unsuccessful searches by a mechanic that cost thousands.

The problem seems to me like an electrical problem, as a mechanical problem would be less intermittent, but that's just a hunch.

Next on the list is the Power steering switch (reported on HJ that a Faulty power steering switch on 1.6 can cause hunting of engine and erratic idle...), cleaning the throttle body and the warm air connection from the exhaust manifold to the inlet?

Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it? Can anyone explain where to find the power steering switch / throttle body / warm air connection (photos, links would be very useful!).

Thanks for your help guys - it's very much appreciated.

All the best.


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01 1.6 1.6 SE Cuts out when idle/coast- Runs Rough - CraigP
Hi Dave,

I have a similar car, this fault is extremely commmon. Don't know if you've come across the uk mkiv's forum, but it's really useful, this page in particular --> uk-mkivs.net/forums/t/56052.aspx

They say:

My car keeps stalling / misfiring.
This could be caused by a faulty MAF sensor (again), temperature sender, relay 109 (diesels only), dirty throttle body, faulty coilpacks (petrol) or dirty contacts on the ignition amplifier (AGU 1.8T Engine Only). Relay 109 - the sure-fire sign is when you try to start the car, the glowplug lamp stays out. After a few tries, glowplug light comes on, car starts.

It tends to be the coolant temp sender (£28 Part @ VW Dealer), followed by MAF (£80 Bosch OEM @ Euro car parts) judging by volume of posters who come back reporting success with new MAF.

Hope it helps,

01 1.6 SE Cuts out when idle/coast- Runs Rough - rgolfc

hi, im just wonderig if you ever found out what the problem was with your car with engine cutting out when coming up to traffic lights, and the steering getting heavy? as i have the same problem with my car at the moment, please get back to me, much appreciated

01 1.6 SE Cuts out when idle/coast- Runs Rough - shipu


I have same problem with 2001 1.6SE model. I was planning to change MAF, but cannot seem to locate it. Was wondering if any one knew where the MAF sensor is located for 1.6SE model.


01 1.6 SE Cuts out when idle/coast- Runs Rough - shipu

Could not locate MAF, but instead cleaned throttle body myself and it's been 4 days now without starting problem and engine cutting out.


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