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04 2.0 Noise from side of engine - Mich07
I have a mazda 6 diesel 136
There is a loud rattle noise coming from the left side of the engine
When looking under the bonnet it looks like the tension pully for the alternator is vibrating?

When I put my foot on the clutch pedal the noise stops
I can also feel a vibration on the clutch pedal

Can these be related as the clutch is on the other side of the engine?
04 2.0 Noise from side of engine - Peter D
Has your model got a sprag clutch built into the alternator pulley. They seize and cause excessive thraching of the Aux belt at tick over. Regards Peter
04 2.0 Noise from side of engine - Mich07


Thanks for reply

Not sure if the alternator has the sprag clutch
Is it possible to tell by looking at it?

How would pushing the clutch pedal cause this to stop though?

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