01 1.8 random misfire? - alexkd
please help, nissan almera tino 1.8 with a random misfire when under load, seems to be alittle rought at lidle too, the engine management light is on.

we had it plugged into a computer for said computer to tell us what we allready knew - it has a random misfire - not much help there. Have changed plugs and all 4 coil packs as suggested by the garage with computer. still no joy.

any suggestions?


01 1.8 random misfire? - Falkirk Bairn
plug leads - swap to see if it is a different cylinder that misfires!
01 1.8 random misfire? - bell boy
a random misfire code could be so many things to take a code read and tell you to replace all the pencil coils is just ridiculous to be frank
either go to another garage that can do live data
or consider a faulty airflow meter etc etc etc
01 1.8 random misfire? - bathtub tom
Could be timing chain stretched. This puts cam and crank sensors out of sync and can cause your symptons. What's it's mileage and service record like? Skipped oil changes are allegedly prime factors.

It's well documented here and on other interweb thingmy sites.

To check, you need to remove the cam cover and measure the protruberance of the chain tensioner. More than 10mm and that's your problem!

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