When to change - Michael Westcott
My wife and I only need one car nowadays. I have a Nov. 98S Peugeot 106zest 1.1 24,000 miles Cost £7,000 and she has an Aug 96 Honda Civic 5 door 1.6Ls auto & air con 52,000 miles cost £15,500. Against a well spec'd new Golf / Focus we've been offered £7,400 for the pair - apparently they're worth about the same each.Question - does common sense say get rid of them now or would I lose in the long run by running one or both of these cars for another 5(?) years. I'm so sickened by the depreciation I feel like never buying another new car). Would I get much less for them at auction thereby freeing up cash to look for a better purchase deal, perhaps at a car supermarket.

PS thanks for the telegraph articles and books over the years - the web site is up to your usual standards.
RE: When to change - Honest John
Dear Michael,

You seem to be talking youself into a lose, lose, lose situation. I can't remember how many times Í've repeated that part exchanging two for one is asking to have you leg lifted. Pushing them past the block will get you basic trade price (often quite a bit behind book trade price unless the auctioneer hooks a private punter bidding against the trade) minus auction commission. I'd reckon the Peugeot might fetch 3.5k, maybe 3,750 and the 96P Swindon Civic about the same, minus commission. You'd be better off advertising them at 750 - 1,000 more on www.autotrader.co.uk and being prepared to take 4k to 4,250. Obviously the Civis is the better, more comfortable car for long journeys; the Pug better for short trips about town. If you're going to keep one, then decide which on the basis of your usage pattern.


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