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Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - piston power
Here's another daft question or is it?

Is there such a thing as bullet proof cars or bomb proof?

We have all seen james bond's car take hits and they bounce off but can they for the likes of our prime ministers car or the queen etc?

I suppose they can be blast proof with reinforced floors with cavlar is it? in the doors roof lining is this what is fitted or armour plating?

Is there bullet proof glass?

Just interested in this not going to make one or try to get around one.! lol...............

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Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - CraigP

Edit: there was an E38 on ebay ~9 months ago (which i cant find a link for now :-/) which had the treatment. Uprated suspension, all sorts of lights and sirens and fire extinguishers for under the car and in the engine bay etc. It had bullet proof glass and anti-penetration something or other doors.

It was a metalic blue 750iL and the listing mentioned the one owner from new was a lord or something -- detail in case jogs anyone else's memory and they remember more details...

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Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - henry k
A few years ago in the BMW Pavilion show room on the waterfront in Capetown there were on show BMW windows and glass with damage (but not without any penetration) by a variety of ammunition.
It was very impressive and I guess there may be a larger market for such products in SA.
Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - barney100
Even tanks get knocked out so what chance does a car stand?
Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - Jcoventry
Best example I can think of is the Cadillac the US President has:

It has bullet proof glass, etc. They don't give out too many details about all the features it has for obvious reasons.
Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - dieseldogg
not "proof"
cos der aint no sich thing
Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - DP
The VW Polo, apparently ;-)

Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - CraigP
Yeah i don't think these would stand up to much more than an opportunistic attacker making a move. That being said it might make the difference between getting away or getting kidnaped in a hostile territory.

I guess 99% of the deal is never to get into a situation in the first place, it'll all be about not using the same routes, varying speeds along stretches of road, changing lanes sharply as if heading for the off ramp etc.

Heaven help the professional security detail drivers in middle lane hogging Britain ;-)

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Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - BobbyG
I remember someone once saying that when you see the PM or Queen get out their car, there is always someone starategically positioned at the end of the door so that the cameras won't pick up the detail re the thickness of the doors.

Never checked to see if it is true.
Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - Armitage Shanks {p}
Tanks certainly can be damaged or wrecked but cars don't tend to go to places where that is much of a possibility. As an aside, if the stuff we have Afghanistan is so "Fit for Purpose" (NOT!) why doesn't our Dear Leader ride round London in a Snatch Land Rover, to show a bit of solidarity with "Our Troops"? Whatever next - a pig just flew by.

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Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - bell boy

5th paragraph
Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - Lud
I saw one of those huge Nazi leaders' Mercs on display in the fifties. It was open-topped but had its side windows in place. They were made of five or six thicknesses of laminated glass, perhaps more, and must have been incredibly heavy.

Someone, perhaps a victorious British or American squaddie, had tested the glass with a burst from a sten gun or similar. Only a couple of thicknesses of glass had been splintered and penetrated.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Queen's new car was bullet resistant. Certainly ministers, or some ministers, have them, Jags last time I looked. The thing George Bush drove around in - it was more like a big fat van than a car - had doors that looked a foot thick, with all sorts of rubber seals on them. Probably President Obama uses the same thing. It must have cost a pretty penny.

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Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - turbo11
The more bomb/blast/bullet resistant a vehicle you try to create, the heavier and slower it will become.Rather than armour plate you can use kevlar, but this is limited to what calibre you can stop. Next step is ceramic plates to boost resistance, but again weight increases. The glass, using multiple laminated layers can resist most calibres up to .308 (7.62mm), but weighs a ton. Using Kevlar and or armour plate in the floorpan you can resist IED's(Improvised Explosive Devices) and mines, but that is dependant on the strength of the bomb and its design. Even Warrior armoured vehicles aren't surviving in Afghanistan from these threats., and an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) can penetrate up to 300mm of armour plate, so what hope has your bullet resistant car.
Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - Falkirk Bairn
The UK Govt bought lots of heavily upgraded cars for use of VIPs - Big Jags for PM etc and lots of lesser cars for Police & Govt employees in Northern Ireland. Even an upgraded Ford /Vauxhall can be 6 figures.

2nd hand - 3 years+old they still fetch £30K+ - many went to Middle East for company cars for UK employees in "even safe parts" in Iraq.
Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - primeradriver
I'd have thought it would depend on the size of the bomb.

Small, home-made pipe bomb made of match heads -- a Micra would probably hold up OK.

10 Megaton nuke on the other hand......
Bomb proof & bullet proof cars................ - madf
Lots of bullet and bomb proof vehicle here for sale..


and a brand new one here..


ideal for shopping in Liverpool...

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