03 1.8 Remote Locking Fob - Morgatron

I currently own a single key for my combo without any central locking fob. From what I can tell there isn't an immobiliser fitted. I want to get another key with a central locking fob that works.

I'm a bit confused with what I need. Can I just get a new fob and transponder then program it to the van following the instructions in the manual or does it need to be programmed with a special computer. I've looked around for a couple of quotes but they've been about £150 for the key and fob supplied and programmed.

Also is it possible I've got an immobiliser chip in the key I own, and is there a way to tell if I have an immobiliser?

Cheers for any help.
03 1.8 Remote Locking Fob - Dynamic Dave
Your van will have an immobiliser.

You can only program existing fobs via the method in the handbook. New / replacement fobs will need to be coded via Tech2 or similar diagnostic readers, and this is only for the central locking. You'll need to have the transponder chip programmed separately, again with Tech2 or similar. You will also require the Car Pass for the security numbers.

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