05 1.6 Worrying whirring noise...suggestions? - lucklesspedestrian
Hi there

I realise that trying to describe a noise in writing is something of a mugs game but here goes anyway!!

Our 2005 1.6 (115) petrol Focus has just started to make a whiney whirring noise. The source is clearly from the engine compartment. The noise increases in pitch as the engine is revved and it makes no difference if the clutch is in or out or if the car is stationary or in motion. It's hard to identify exactly where the noise is coming from but I think it's from the drivers side where the various belts are. From what I can see the belts seem to be okay but it's the kind of noise I instinctively would associate with a belt problem of some kind. There seems to be no other symptoms i.e. car starts easily, revs freely.

Any suggestions of what it might be would be hugely appreciated


05 1.6 Worrying whirring noise...suggestions? - Peter.N.
Probably a failing bearing, either on the alternator or one of the idlers/tensioners.
05 1.6 Worrying whirring noise...suggestions? - madf
Failing belt.

Failing belt idler bearing or tensioner bearing
failing water pump
failing alternator bearing.

Best test - needs care: take one long piece of wood about 2mm square and 50cm long.
Apply one end carefully to above (not the belt of course).. Listen at other end.

Warning: if it hits the belt you may injure yourself badly.. so take great care. and wear eye protection.

Often the various wheels on the belt run are inaccessible and you cannot do this..

Also check for metal dust or rust showing a failed bearing...
05 1.6 Worrying whirring noise...suggestions? - bsm
Similar problem with my 2001 1.6 Focus a few weeks ago. It sounded more of a dry bearing screech. I squirted some aerosol lubricant into the gap behind the washer of the top idler pulley, and it cured it. ( I think an revised idler is available for earlier model cars ). Previously I've had drive belt squeal, proved by dribbling a few drops of water onto the running belt, squeal stopped, cured with aerosol belt dressing.

05 1.6 Worrying whirring noise...suggestions? - Arthur45
I have a 2005 1.6. This has recently started to make a similar sound when started from cold but only when I turn on the heated windscreen. I believe it is a noise from the alternator drive belt as the increase load on the alternator seems to cause the whine / squeak. I found on a Ford owners site similar reports. One person suggested apply a little talcum powder on the belt. Strange I know. My Father who is a retired mechanic adivised this shouldn't hurt. I tried it and it did work for a few days. I am going to get the belts changed soon anyway.

My noise always stops after a short while once the belts/engine have warmed up.

I note that BSM has used a aerosol belt dressing.................where can you get this?

Good luck.
05 1.6 Worrying whirring noise...suggestions? - lucklesspedestrian
Sincere thanks for taking the time to reply folks.

Turns out it was one of the pipes which supplies the power steering pump was leaking fluid. The noise was the power steering pump running dry. Never noticed any problems with the steering until this morning taking it the few yards to the local garage when it did 'heavy up' under load.

Looks like the job will cost just under £200 all in, £82 plus vat for the pipe then a couple of hours labour, then fill up with fluid again.

Just hope it hasn't knackered the pump!


05 1.6 Worrying whirring noise...suggestions? - bsm
I used Ambersill adhesive belt lubricant from RS components. Taking care, with engine running and wearing gloves and eyeshields, I sprayed a small amount into can lid and used an old tooth brush to apply to belt ( less messy than spraying, as it's quite claggy ).



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