tyres - John Read
With so much info available about performance of cars, where can I get the facts on tyres which must make so much difference ?

I would like to know
grip in wet or dry
grip when new or when half worn
wear rates
noise levels
all to suit different models of cars ?
Re: tyres - Stuart Bruce

Its a compilation of tests from magazines and consumer trading bodies.
There is a lot more info elsewhere on that site, in fact at times too much, it just gets confusing.
Re: tyres - John Read
thanks Stuart - tyres-online does the business !
Re: tyres - David Lacey
BLIMEY! You don't want much, do you John!!! ;-)
I'm sure I have seen an answer for this somewhere on this site
Try a 'search' (above) and see what you can uncover
Kind regards
Re: tyres - Roger Keene
The Consumers Association "Which" magazine has done tests on tyres.
The big advantage is that they are, of course, independant and unbiased.

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