02 1.2 Correct fuse for wipers - Wronskian
Hi all,
I'm wondering whether anyone can confirm the correct fuse for the front wiper circuit (fuse 43) in a 2002 Fiat Punto. I've just had to change the fuse (it blew after accidentally running the wipers while the screen was solid with snow). The fitted fuse was 10A, the handbook says 30A.

Of course, if it should be 30A but was actually 10A, that would explain why it blew! On the other hand, the fuse has never been changed in 7 years, so it's obviously been fine with 10A all these years, and the lower rating may well have saved a problem elsewhere.


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02 1.2 Correct fuse for 02 Punto wipers - Chris M
I can't give you an answer for certain on a Mk2, but a Mk1 Punto has a 20A fuse to cover the front and rear wash/wipe circuit. What else stops working on the Mk2 when the fuse blows? If it just covers the front, then maybe a 10A is enough.
02 1.2 Correct fuse for 02 Punto wipers - Wronskian
It looks like it's just the front wash and wipe, and the controller for the rear (which has its own fuse).

I'm inclined to leave it at 10A if that's worked fine all these years. I'd rather that a fuse blew than something else!
02 1.2 Correct fuse for 02 Punto wipers - Halmer
The handbook states a 30A for my wife's 04 plate 1.2 8v.


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