00 800c cd player, no power - DelB

I'm posting for my girlfriend who has a year 2000 daewoo matiz.

What the problem is, I bought her a new cd player for christmas since she has a crappy JVC cd player. I took the old JVC player out and put the new one in, though it gets no power?

As soon as I put the old JVC player back in it comes straight on? The fuses are fine the plugs are fine and the new cd player is fine as I tested it in my car prior to trying to fit it..

Any ideas? It seems the plug in her car works in the old cd player and not the newer one.

Phil. Thanks.

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00 800c cd player, no power - Hamsafar
Some have different pinouts to the same ISO connector.
Never modify the factory wiring, always use an adapter.
Larger Halfords sell adapters, but here are the pinouts,
can you compare them to those on your make of car by clicking the makes on the left column of

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00 800c cd player, no power - DelB

I don't think I'm even using an adapter, I'm using the plugs straight from the fusebox for the new player, which isnt powering.

The old JVC player that uses an adapter connected to the factory wiring in the fusebox, it comes straight on. Now that I think about it, I used an adapter in my car to power the new one, such as:

Fusebox -> Factory Wiring -> Adapter -> New Cd Player

In the Daewoo, I'm missing the adapter out for the new player, so it's:

Fusebox -> Factory Wiring -> New Cd Player.

Even though the plugs from the fusebox fit the new player perfectly the pins may not correspond? So, I should always use an adapter?

Thank you.

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00 800c cd player, no power - DelB
To sum that up, the old player uses an adapter connected to the factory wiring in the car, whereas I tried using just the factory wiring for the new one, as it was the same plug. Do I need the adapter?

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