98 1.9TDi no power - 9523johnp
Hi, can anyone help me: VW Sharan auto tdi. Diesel. when the engine got warm ( normal operating temp) it would not change gear, I.E. over taking at 50 it would not change up. I replaced the accelater pedel & potentimenter. it 's still playing up I.E. at 40 m ph, 3000 revs, max ease my foot off gas and re apply no change. having to slow down and accelerate slowly.

also: engine cold, accellerating it changes up through the gears but it 's black smoking, which it hadn't used to. now i can only get upto 50 mph, where as before in the same distance i could get up to 70 mph, not as much power
thanks john

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98 1.9TDi no power - bostin
Blocked catalytic convertor?
98 1.9TDi no power - 9523johnp
Hi. thanks for replying. i didn't think mine had a catalytic converter on?
98 1.9TDi no power - richbev
yours will have a kat im sure. mine is a 99 and has 1. not sure if my problem is same as yours but when the fuel is real low and you put your foot hard down some times it seems to go onto some sort of limp mode. it sounds like the turbo goes off. when this happens i run some fuel system cleaner through it.