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Front tyres on my Titanium X diesel seem to be wearing quickly.This was a Ford direct vehicle bought with 15k on the clock. I have heard that Mondeos are prone to this front scuffing and wear. Rear seem OK. Checking what is available I have come across comments on "summer tyres". I wonder if this is why cars these days cannot handle winter conditions and owners are not aware of the tyre types. I would rather have an all season. Blimey,are tyres expensive these days or what! Can anyone recommend. I have been looking at premium tyres, would the mid range out these days do? I am on 235/40R 18 W95
08 1.8 Front tyre wear and all season tyres - gordonbennet
Ah they're jolly big low profiles, i'd expect them to be expensive.

There are many makes and models of tyres, and many mid range tyres are every bit as good as the premium stuff, you will have to think what you want from your tyres, and either ask or research for opinions and test results...whcih can be very illuminating.

I would suggest to anyone thats bothered as you obviously are to avoid far eastern ditchfinders like the plague.
08 1.8 Front tyre wear and all season tyres - kithmo
15K was quite good (unless it's on its 2nd set), mine (Titanium, 235/45/17") got to 13K with 2mm tread left before I changed them. At these rates of wear and the fact that I just potter around locally, I went for a mid-range tyre at £70 each rather than the Goodyear excellence which were around £120 each.

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