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Hi all,

Hoping people will still reply to this original message!

I have a problem...i have a 53 Punto 1.2 Active and the bonnet release cable has snapped and pulled right through. I need to open the bonnet as due to the cold weather I need to replace the battery. I've tried taking the bottom grill out and getting my hand up & in to release the catch but no go.

Any suggestions or will it be a trip to Fiat and a new bonnet?

Many Thanks

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03 1.2 Bonnet Catch cable snapped - piston power
Get a long screwdriver and try to flik the catch while somebody else lifts or pushes down the bonnet at the same time it should open, squirt catch first with penetrating fluid to ease.
03 1.2 Bonnet Catch cable snapped - fuey12

For a Fiat Punto snapped bonnect cable, I got under the car.

I've videoed it so now one else has the same issue.

I jacked up the car, placed it on a stand on the passenger side, and reached up underneath. I've videoed it - quick to do once you see it. http://bit.ly/Yh1dQ9


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