08 2.0 diesel pre-heater - focusman
son has a 57 plate peugeot 407 coupe 2.0 diesel, the same engine i believe has in my 2.0 ford focus, 58 plate. my focus has a pre-heater which when outside temp is at a certain low temp, setting the temp control to max the pre-heater activates. not sure what that actually entails, i.e. i don't think the engine warms up any quicker but i think it works on the interior heater. so on driving first thing on a icy morning the car interior heats up quicker.
does anyone know if the 407 has a similar setup as i cannot find any info on it in the owners manual.
08 2.0 diesel pre-heater - piston power
The pre heater heats up the engines coolant so yes you get a hot heater but the idea was to aide cold weather starting diesels start much better when hot.

Look on the webasto web site to give you some ideas of these cracking little machines also found in campers boats trucks trains etc.
08 2.0 diesel pre-heater - jc2
The Ford one is an Eberspacher not a Webasto IIRC and is designed to heat the vehicle(also used on Galaxies,Mondeos etc-needed more on diesels than petrols because there is less waste heat) more quickly-not to be confused with mains powered pre-heaters which heat the engine assembly on both petrols and diesels. The Ford unit is an auxiliary heater-not a preheater tho' it could be used as a preheater with an extra control system.

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08 2.0 diesel pre-heater - focusman
sorry jc2
you are correct it is a auxillary heater