ball bearing saves mans life - bell boy
i took this ecu apart earlier this year,its the ecu for the airbag on a fiat and i bought the car with the airbag light flashing,turns out someone had stolen the one out of my car and replaced it with a used one
if you look at the photo attached you can see where the ball bearing is loaded and held with the spring until the the car hits something solid that makes the ball move forward and complete the circuit that sends the small electrical current to detonate the airbag
not sure why it needs all the gizmoes on the board though
ball bearing saves mans life - Rattle
There seems to be an embedded microprocessor in the ECU (as they should be!). I guess what it is actually doing is taking a reading from resistance created by the spring and then feeding into its built in computer. I am guessing the airbag ECU will also have other values from the main ECU such as vehicle speed so it knows if it needs to trigger the airbag or not.

It actually looks very very simple.

Is there any chance of a higher res picture or could you tell me exactly what those chips say? It would mean something to me.

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ball bearing saves mans life - bell boy
ball bearing saves mans life - Pugugly
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ball bearing saves mans life - ifithelps
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ball bearing saves mans life - Mr.Tee43
You need a better camera !