03 1.5 CVT transmission and engine braking - Dr Who
Moving to 'B' from 'D' in a Prius II introduces a slight engine-braking effect. On any significant downhill incline, however, the car will accelerate more than engine braking can prevent and braking is required when for any reason, such as a limit, congtrol of pseed is necessary.

I use the example of my Prius, but imagine the same problem may appply to other 'CVT' transmissions.

The cold snap makes me ask whether this absence of effective engine braking is not a danger when driving in icy conditions, in which I have always relied on having the option to change down manually, or to select a lower range in an automatic transmission. Prima facie, I would not like to be unable to avoid accelerating down an icy hill with nothing to stop me except the brakes.

What is the approved answer in a Prius or other 'CVT' vehicle?

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