04 2.0 Fault Code P1739 on Honda Stream - HELP! - rr01
I have a Honda 2004 Stream 2.0l i-VTEC (K20A) semi-automatic engine with a fault code P1739.

I have noticed a flashing D (D4) indicator light at the dashboard when driving. The flashing is intermittent and goes off when I shut and re-start the engine. It had happened at least 4 incidents in 2 months time. The transmission is shifting normally and could not notice any problem.

What's the cause of the fault? We have a long journey this week-end (about 70 miles each way). Is it safe to drive the car with this fault and would not harm a serious damage to the transmission? Is there anything really I have to worry?

I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks again,
04 2.0 Fault Code P1739 on Honda Stream - HELP! - WorkshopTech
This is a transmission fault indication. It could be a pressure switch, wiring fault, faulty solenoid or hydraulic fault. It will need to go to a transmission specialist for proper diagnosis.
these transmission have a habit of wrecking their diff bearings, then swarf gets into the rest of the transmission and causes more damage.
I would drive the car as little as possible and get it to a trans workshop ASAP.